Crusader Kings 2 - 3.0's weight gain

Well CK2’s 3.0/Holy Fury came out and what does it add? Weight gain and events associated with it. I’ve delved into the code and localization files of the game and found there’s not much to it. Sad, but here’s hoping someone creates a mod to expand on that, eh?


Now there’s a game that I never thought to associate weight gain with, but it makes complete sense thematically, nice catch!

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what does it even do in there mechanics wise?
Never played the game myself.

Well every character has a physique variable. Certain choices in events increase or decrease it, and it is associated with how fat you are. 0 is fit, -15 is starving and 15 is fat. There’s also a hidden event which adds physique every few years depending on your traits and education… also your rank IIRC.


I’ve been enjoying playing around with that, lol. Do you know if there is a couple different tiers or not to the malnourished/fat scale? In the dev diary, they said there would be a couple tiers, in essence:

Starving - Malnourished - Default - Fat - Ridiculously Obese

They didn’t name them that, but I disgress. Fat has some small penalties, for example, but the way they described it, the tier above would have some more severe penalties attached to it. Same with going from malnourished to starving. Despite my best attempts, I haven’t been able to push any characters into the second tier, and I’m starting to wonder if it doesn’t exist.

Also, it seems stupidly easy to make a pregnant woman obese in the game right now. Half the time my wife is pregnant, the eating everything in sight event pops, and even when she doesn’t get gluttonous, she gets fat. Having gluttony just seems to effect whether she tries to lose the weight post-pregnancy or not.

The only tier in that direction is “fat”. I’ve been thinking about doing some modding to add more, and add flavor descriptions (like fat fetish trait stuff) but i already have my hands full with Fetishmaster modding for the moment


The higher tier only triggers later in life, at the earliest 45, and lowers health based on the physique value. It also lowers stats as your character is immobile. It is character flag rather than a trait as people who have it tend to die real quick.


Oh, that must be why i didn’t see it looking through the files

After looking through the code, it seems pretty easy to make a mod out of this. Just changing a few things so that it becomes easier to gain weight, removes the minimum age, maybe minimalize health issues so that the gameplay isn’t affected as much and finally adding some events and traits and we have a functioning mod.

If you have basic programming knowledge or the ability to watch a Youtube tutorial it should be pretty easy.

I might try working on something. The code is a little daunting after not working with it for so long though.


I’ve done a lot of research into this. a LOT.

There’s a series of triggers for weight gain ‘fluff’, each tied to specific traits and assigned as flags. Each allows access to benefits from weight gain/loss as well as possibly penalties to health. I think it’s set up to prevent them from stacking, but manually assigning yourself all of the ‘flags’ results in huge buffs every time certain weight gain events are fired, to the point that I reckon they can outweigh the negatives, so long as you find a way to keep them firing. Otherwise, you’ll need the console.

There’s also a bloodline with a very long (5 years) cooldown that allows you to make those with it fatter, provided they also meet a number of (also narrow) requirements. I’ve jury-rigged a version that bypasses the hard-coded cooldown allowing it to be fired at will. The result of the above, plus a bit of console sneakiness (to prevent diets working, type HFP.20622 followed by the character id for instant relapse) and immortality? Four generations of fatties that are almost self-sustaining, since they’re more likely to encourage others to remain fat or (thanks to the bloodline event also being open to NPCs) make their peers fatter.


I don’t have the experience or skills for any serious attempts at a comprehensive WG system mod but all the components are there. I like how the current system doesn’t glaze over the obvious implications of excess and it feels organic to the game so hopefully that carries over into anything people come up with.

Easy AND fun things to implement (imho):

  • Better diet mechanics
    No, Paradox, stuffing isn’t the same as starving - even if that’s easier to code! This would be the best way to both indicate what weight gain/loss modifiers are active and what direction your waistline’s headed. Allows for more events to take advantage of the system, like one for yo-yo dieting, perhaps.

  • Body part specific effects (as modifiers)
    There’s already a loverslab breast mod and you can bet they’ll mod this system into it! Modifiers don’t cause as much visual mess as having too many traits. Combine it with the genetics mod and you have yourself an absolute goldmine. You could give small waist a bonus to attraction (for most people), buffs for moderately wide hips/ass/butt, which would work well with…

  • Traits/modifiers for weight preferences and distribution
    Exposed to a fat family while growing up? Enjoying the effects on your body? It’d be easy to set up a system that alters your reactions as well as those of like-minded peers. There’s already rudimentary versions of this in the new weight system, but they aren’t universally applied (eg; the ‘like-minded’ buff from a fat bloodline member making another member fat) or more permanent. The inverse also makes sense for those that want their characters berated by fat-hating subjects. Combine it with body part traits and you can have someone that loves boobs but not the baggage that comes with them, a stuffer that loves the size of their potbelly or maybe a satanic cannibal that makes it their eternal duty to fatten their rivals to immobility through ‘bad’ advice, then devour them.

  • Wider weight range
    Already mentioned. Right now, the threshold is REALLY low for both ‘fat’ and ‘malnourished’, given the size of weight gain/loss event modifiers. Go 15 above or below 0 and boom, everything kicks off. Could easily be more tiered, which then allows for even more custom effects from both weight gain and weight loss as well as greater realism.

Putting the above together could be something like:
-100 = Skeletal (huge health debuffs, hardcap on body attributes, looks like a POW survivor; loved by thinspro-types and nobody else, high fatality risk)
-100 to -60 = Starving (Similar negatives to above, but less intense and with some offsets, more like a low-end runway model - higher buffs, bigger bodypart caps)
-60 to -40 = Malnourished (moderate debuffs, closers to societal norms for thinness but still very underweight - ideal limit for major negative effects)
-40 to -20 = Thin (light debuff, positive opinion traits for most people)
-20 to +20 = Normal (should have flavour text within this range to give an indication of how close you are to either end of this range, but zero health effects outside of diet)
20 to 30 = Chubby (limited debuffs, partially offset by low end cap on body parts, should offer a slice of content to come)
40 to 60 = Fat (higher debuffs, size is now less of a perk and more of a problem for those at the extremes; with big racks come big responsibilities!)
60 to 100 = Obese (No more horseriding for you, buddy! Will need plenty of assistance to maintain their figure and their health)
100+ = Morbidly Obese - (Congrats, you’re immobile. Enjoy being carried around in a litter, for as long as you can make it last)

Of course, a fat-focused mod could easily reduce the tiers for low weight content and instead give more tiers for WG. Might also be worth increasing or lowering the figures above, depending on how the system is balanced (eg; if WG effects were no longer whole numbers).

  • Culture-Specific events/features
    The medieval period is the source of most of our weight stereotypes and body image ideas/tropes seem to come from and have survived far better than Roman or other ancient ideals. This is the origin of the stereotypical fat monarch contrasted with starving peasant subjects in Europe while the concentration of wealth in the Islamic world and synonymous access to food fostered an entire culture of force-feeding and fat idealization that still exists today.


Getting all of the above done will take some time and effort, but CK2 has essentially served up an opportunity on a silver, mostly-open platter. Has the potential to be as big (ha!) as The Sims was.

If we go really deep, knowledge of perl could come in handy, but there’s plenty of stuff open to text editing without it.


For those wondering, the key code to look at is in HFP_health_events.txt but any changes there will need to be reflected elsewhere in the code for some things, though a lot can be avoided by using what already exists rather than completely overhauling the new mechanic. There are a number of WG-related events in other files relating to the expansion, mostly fluff things like accidentally crushing a horse, or good-to-honest eating competitions. If that’s not evidence of Fat Admirers within their dev team, then surely their flavour text for the wg boons is!

It will take trial and error to see the limits of the system and whether there’s any hard-coding involved.

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I’ve actually been playing around and editing files. Right now i’ve added a couple traits (fat love and fat admirer) and have altered/added some events to account for them. i plan on adding/alerting some more. it would be cool to add another level of fatness trait, but that is more work. If things work out cleanly I’ll probably release it here on the site.


After playing around some more and almost coming to the conclusions that it was a hopeless endeavor, i have successfully battled the ck2 scripting engine.

So proof of concept is there. I realized i can reference the weight value directly for a character. I’m not going to mess around with creating more traits for weight(i already can’t get the icon for the two traits i added to work properly), just events for characters at higher weights. For my personal taste that means higher weight = bigger belly.

I’ve already added some alternate fat fetish versions of events (like an event which tells the spouse that their spouse has gotten fat with a different description if they’re an FA). I’ve also added some new nicknames. I have modifiers created for different weight levels but they’re not implemented yet. For the sake of fetish i have all but removed the health effects from high weight. They’re still there but they’re just all at 0.1.

Tonight i worked on an event where a fat loving ruler goes to the kitchen to get a late night snack/meal/stuffing. I spent most of the time fighting with syntax though and i have that worked out. Now just content.

I don’t know how far i am going to take this mod? but it wont be nearly as big as my other project. I have an idea for a flavor event where a big bellied ruler looks to be pampered (they either use their belly to force themselves on to their spouse(possible giving them the fat admirer trait), force a random courtier to give them a belly rub, or get maids to pamper their belly. I want some kind of events influencing a spouse or lover’s weight (so secretly feeding them. Maybe by plot?). I definitely want just a lot more flavor events. I’ll probably look through other events and see if i can add some dialogue to them as well


I can try my hand at helpin’ you if you need it.

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weight (1.8 KB)

Quickly put-together mockup of tiered, mutually-exclusive weight traits. It is untested but should work after more modding. It’s partially based/inspired on the nada traits which were part of a really old breast size mod that’s since been adapted by multiple mods on loverslab. I’ve included it in the zip for those that are interested.

Emphasis on MOCKUP. While I’m sure the code is kosher and can easily have other modifiers added as need be, it will need extensive edits elsewhere to be seamlessly incorporated into the game. Known issues include the following:

  1. The weight tracking ‘pulse’ event (HFP.20604) will need to either fire more frequently or spit out larger values, to allow the larger changes in ‘physique_variable’ needed to trigger each tier. IDK if it’s hard-coded to 5 year intervals unless triggered by specific events.

  2. Events and decisions must be modded to reflect the extra weight classes. The current system has only a limited number of these and are tied to the lower thresholds currently used: -15 and +15 respectively. For example. unless given a milder version (ie; one targeting the shift from ‘normal’ to ‘chubby’), the vanilla ‘growing fat’ event (HFP.20605) should be bumped up to only firing after the ruler is already chubby.

  3. All references to is_fat and is_malnourished currently in use will need to be checked and edited to use the new tiers properly. Anything left unedited will only work for people with those specific traits.

  4. It’s intended to also replace the existing negative modifiers for ‘obese’ and ‘severely underweight’, so the events leading to those modifiers and their negative effects should be edited to avoid stacking. I recommend changing them into ‘acceptance’ modifiers that alter their opinion and reaction to other characters. The resultant flag can then be used by events elsewhere in the game. For example, a ‘fat_accepting’ character could have special opportunities to congratulate the winner of the tribal eating contest and a much higher chance of advising relatives/spouses to gain weight.

Thanks to the extra tiers, it will be possible to gain weight with less serious impacts at lower levels than vanilla, but they will ramp up a lot. Gain enough weight and you will be rendered immobile, forcing your regent to handle most royal affairs.


As you can probably tell, I’m less focused on cutting out negative effects outright (the slob sub-fetishers will probably enjoy that) and more hoping for a better underlying weight system that can support more events & content. A mod that does it better than vanilla could be successful on the Steam Workshop; having read comments online I think a lot of people with and withouth the fetish would appreciate having characters with a more granular appearance and more leeway for diet control.

I have little experience with modding and the syntax of ck2 makes me cry so if anyone wants to help for this it’d be appreciated.


Wanna say thanks for making me interested in Crusader Kings 2. Had not even heard of it before all this and the games been fun. Looking forward to hopefully Some more weight mods if people are interested in the game.


Maybe i’m being an idiot, but how do i get the mod working?

There’s not a mod yet, AFAIK, just a well-thought-out suggestion for one.

I called it a ‘mockup’ because it’s an outline of what could become a mod. It’s unfinished and I didn’t have time to try seeing if it could work, since there’s a lot of changes needed for that alone. The way weight changes are implemented in the game at present means you’d need to search through all the files for certain strings like gain_weight_small_effect or weight_trait_check_effect and replace them with modded ones rebalanced for the expanded weight ranges.

So despite being a seemingly small change compared to the size of CK2, changes to it require editing a LOT of files.

The most important file to look at if trying to make an actual mod would be HFP_health_events (core weight content), followed by 00_scripted_effects (for variable changes).

After snooping, the five year pulse for weight effects can probably be changes to yearly via modding 00_on_actions. 00_event_modifiers requires removing/replacing the old modifiers for ‘severely underweight’ and ‘obese’. I’m not sure if there’s a reason to have both modifiers and traits for weight levels but it’s a factor.

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