Epic Proportions: Oppai Island

Behold! A brand new adventure appears!
In a world of adventure and fat women lies the land of Cornucopia. Of the coast of the continent is the island nation of Oppai Island, where we lay our scene. This world is under threat of destruction by the evil Demon God of Famine! It is up to you to take up the sword, travel the land, recruit a team of Chosen Heroes, and defend your world from his starving corruption!

This is a game I’ve been working on off and on for the past year and I have a meaty enough chunk of the game for others to play, bug test, and provide feedback on what they want to see or what they like about what’s already there.

Latest Update: Version 0.2.1 now available on itch.io! Behold the long awaited Dryad Forest update! Play up to the end of this brand new questline and meet some stoner dryads and riddle loving skeletons! New screenshots to come.


Any screenshots of what that actual game looks like?


Hoo boy, gimmie a minute…

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Here’s three shots from the opening minutes of the game.


While you had me at Oppai - I’m wondering, is it just all-around fats, or are we gonna see some ladies with huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers . packin some dobonhonkeros . massive dohoonkabhankoloos . big old tonhongerekoogers?

Just before I slap in and start it up.


You should include these in your first post as it will get buried as more interactions happen in the thread.


As is tradition.


There is a book in the beginning “Oppai Island” (on the standing bookshelf next to the MC’s mirror and wardrobe) that gives you a pretty decent indication. Based on the name and info in that book I would say yes (also there’s a reason the island is called what it is, although it’s likely not what you think :wink:)

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On Oppai Island, women will tend to lean hard into big booba proportions. Just need to make or commission more art assets.


I will get better screenshots eventually.

The cat who is supposed to give you a reward for killing a treant doesn’t seem to acknowledge that you defeated one.

Is the jail cell the end of the game for now?
Anyway so far a great game, I am excited for future updates

It’s not bad so far, just that the starter enemies feel like they have WAY too much HP, and are extremely spongy.

Uh oh! That’s something I need to address or change in another update. Maybe make a new quest or something…

Which jail cell? There should be a way out…

It looks to be currently bugged. The dirt pile the bikini warrior comes from isn’t accessible. If you are to cheat an no-clip through the game progresses.

How can you do that?

You need to use some sort of trainer or cheat engine for that. Here’s an example of one that I used.

There are other ones that may work, but you will need to seek them out.

I… oh boy… Lemme check…

Okay, I went and made a version 0.1.1 to address this glaring issue in the prison escape sequence. Gonna upload the new version to Itch.io tonight.

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