Erika - The game

Hello everyone.

I’ve started to make some games, and I actually made something really short, I would like to make a very similar game but way longer and with a better storyline. The only problem I have is that I have no clue on how to make proper sprites. I know there are some templates, but I can’t even make clothing, although I’ll make a proper post relating this on project help. [DM me if interested]

The game sprites belong to @Vollerei , who made them public on his wonderful post [click here to check]

Also, this is the first thing I’ve ever made in RPG Maker, so I’m open to advice and suggestions.

The last thing I’d like to say is that I’m not a native english speaker, so I may or may not have commited a few mistakes while writing this.

Well, here it is, the 5 minute long game I’ve been working on recently. [Click to Download]

Hope you all enjoy it. [Don’t forget to look for the “secret” ending, which is not too secret]

EDIT: Many people are having troubles trying to unrar the file use 7zip. For some reason, you must use WinRar to open it.


By secret ending, do you mean the spell?

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Yep. As I said, it’s not too much of a secret.

I think this is a great proof of concept, if you go through with making a game for this community.

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as a concept it looks interesting, but should put a little more into it, ie, why does she gain so much weight from the cake after one night, is the cake magical? what restaurant is she going to? just some questions to think about with making a game, also for sprites, and artwork, might be a good idea to see about an eating animation, and getting faces the get fatter as she grows in her profile


First of all, thank you so much for answering, I really appreciate it.

About what you said, you’re absolutelly right, and I’m looking foward to work on it, (aswell as learning how to do it)

Hey I don’t know if it could just on my end but when I try to un-rar the files it tells me its broken and I can’t get it.

No I’ve been hitting the same problem.

@JM1 @Conartist113 Use WinRAR.

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So I got the spell ending is there a normal ending / non secret one?

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Yeah I can only get the spell one

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I think this game should have been something a little more…BIGGER if you catch my drift XD

But on a serious note. Why not make a actual game this could be something amazing i bet if you put your ideas and thoughts on it.

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huh? what the heck you mean man?

That’s Edypos man. This is Erika. Two entirely different games.

Oops my bad I’ll fix it in the morning

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for the advice, tips and support. I’ve been planning to make a full version of the game or to rebuild it from scratch, but the main issue I’m having is the fact that I’m too useless to make sprites. As soon as I get done with a few real life issues, I’ll start looking for help. [Of course, if you feel like you could be somehow helpful feel free to DM me on Discord DSBx1#0226]

Well, theorically the Spell is the “Secret ending”, and the “normal ending” is just being able to stay in your room being fat for as long as you want.

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For some reason, when I download the .rar file, it won’t open. Says it’s not a valid archive.

Are you using 7zip, WinRar or something else?

I used 7zip before. Turns out it works with WinRar, though, as I just tried it and it went through. Weird.

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