Eternal Dungeon by Throwaway3000

Hi hey! First time posting here, but I have made a game for the game jam. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was really fun to try something new. I have some programming experience, but have never made a game or anything like this. The reason I made something for this was because I saw there was a category for music, and used it as an excuse to finally get around to making some. I’ve literally never done any art before in almost any fashion so that took so long. I am incredibly grateful for the generous templates provided by Specterre, Grimimic, Tipouno, and Javien122. I would also like to credit SomeRandomDude for the plugins. Majority of the music are originals, but some are rearrangements and re-orchestrations of other songs by myself. I credited the original artists in the game.

Anyways, Eternal Dungeon is little rogue-like dungeon crawler that randomly generates rooms as you explore. There’s some other explorers in the hub for you to interact with as well. I anticipate some bugs because of the possibilities of generation, and so I wanted to keep the game short enough so that if you have to restart it’s not that big of a deal. Also there is no ending, I ran out of time; so just play as much as you want to.
The images and audio are encrypted mainly because I didn’t want you guys to see the sausage being made so to speak, but please feel free to change item files or save files if it makes things easier. I’m all for cheating. If you are editing variables in the save editor, try not to mess with them too much or the whole thing won’t work, instead I recommend updating numbers 5 and 6 which are your weight class and weight limit respectively.


Edited Version after submision deadline:


Found something, the woman who prompts you to paint her, will disappear after her dialogue, and if you click on the couch where she was, the game freezes.


Couple other things. The bear puzzle room in the dungeon is broken, there are invisible obstacles preventing you from moving either out from or further into the dungeon. Also, if you give the music girl her Double Brioche, she breaks in a similar fashion to the painting woman.


Found another, if you try to enter thanksgiving girl’s house after giving her the can, you are stuck on a perpetual loading screen.


Interesting concept, I had no idea you could even implement something like this in RPG Maker. It was interesting to be tested on things like musical theory and English. Also the music was really well done.

I did run into a few bugs however. The teddy bear room seems broken, even if you pull the lever you can’t get past the door which means you have to escape. I had a bug where the endurance room didn’t open after I waited out the timer. The brown chest in the holy looking room has a bug where you can loot it forever as well.

Overall a cool concept, just needs a bug fix pass over.


I really like the game, but the bugs keeps me from finishing all the content. I hope you can get the bugs fixed soon.


So, about two bugs I’ve found.
Two game stoppers, the other hilariously useful.

We’ll start with the annoying and game stopping ones.
First off the fancy girl that wants you to paint her image, if you talk to her again, or interact with the canvas, a blank text block pops up, and you can’t get out of it without closing the game.
Second game stopping one is more of a circumvention one, the teddy bear room has the exits blocked by invisible bears with nothing under them.

Now on to the hilarious one;
One of the rooms, it has a chest and a gold cross in it, for some reason gives unlimited items if you keep interacting with the chest.
Haven’t tried it with one of the chests with better items(such as the Thanksgiving in a can chest I got once), but this is a fun little bug, and an easy way to get stuff.

The items spawning in the box are circled in red

Can you upload it on another platform that it’s not mega? :frowning: it doesn’t allow me to download it

found another bug, the fruit room, the fruit that sets your weight to max cause the game to freeze. please don’t abandon this, I like the concept, but it needs a lot more polish.


Found another bug. If you give double brioche to Adelaide, she walks into the oven and the game gets locked.

I can second the teddy bear room bug and the piano girl vanishing off the couch after you talk to her leading to a game freeze. Also on day 2 after I got a message after opening a treasure chest “you already have all the gifts” (which I did) the escape skill no longer worked, it just said “you are not in a dungeon” if you tried to use it. Also wasn’t clear on if there was actually a win condition or not, I do realize that if you take more than 4 days or 3 failures you lost, but I don’t understand what to do to win. Maybe make that more obvious for the smooth brains like me out there :grin:
Wish you could still find the feast room at larger sizes, it seems the game won’t let you find one if your weight is too high, which is a shame because it becomes more challenging for the player to finish all the food if they are already stuffed.
I think a few more room varieties would be good as well, once your characters weight is over 150 all you find is riddle rooms or teddy bear rooms, maybe some that require you to lose/gain enough weight, or where you have to be a specific weight in order to pass through for variety? Also as it is I think it’s way too easy to upgrade your stomach capacity by spamming massager’s, I would like to see the player given more days but seriously nerf how fast they level/stat up.
Would also like to see a greater emphasis on weight, maybe some flavor stuff like weighted footstep sounds at higher weights, character dialog about how fat they are getting, etc. But I really would like to see a gameplay emphasis on weight, maybe a room where some exits are smaller openings than others and the player has to change their course if they get too big to fit down a narrow crack in the wall, too heavy to take a wood bridge, things that make you react and alter your course/how you play because the character got too fat, etc.
Sorry about the wall of text, but obviously I love this game concept. I hope you keep developing it, randomly generated games are great. Easily one of my favs out of this game jam for this fact alone.

Thank you all for your comments, I’m pretty confident I fixed all the bugs you all mentioned, but haven’t added any new concepts just yet. I probably should’ve fixed it before the deadline, because almost all of that just came from a mis-named file lol.


yep everything is working now, I did see one minor glitch, when you give elliot the espresso, you have to talk to her again to trigger her growing fat, otherwise next day she’ll be the same size, I also noticed 3 gifts with no girl, so I assume that you plan on adding more,

also I am very much enjoying this game, however I did every room on the first day and when I went into the dungeon the second day I got a black screen and couldn’t move, also if you are accepting suggestions, I’d recommend having another weight level for the girls, and the gift to get to it only spawns after you give the girls their specific gift, I just think it would give players a reason to go back into the dungeon even if they did everything on day 1, also more challenge rooms is a given of course. overall very much enjoyed your game, especially after the bug fixes.

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This game has alot of potential, so while it is buggy right now, please stick with it, it is a fascinatingly dark concept that should be fleshed out more

Good in concept, though if you go through enough rooms the game refuses to load anymore and softlocks you

Actually, if the game shows a black screen after searching for a dungeon room to send you in with solid weight info in the top right corner, you’re not really softlocked. You’re still in a room, but you can’t really see it.

So, if you do the same as me - which is walking to the right side of a room, then briefly tapping up before walking right again - you’ll find an exit! And the room loading process will begin anew.

I’ve been walking strait down when that happens. no turning necessary

Fun little game, but for now held back by the bugs. I like the overworld sprite work a lot. I might just be dumb, but it seems like there aren’t quite enough resources for the repeated forays into the dungeon, given the item boxes that give you more food don’t appear to reset between days. I might’ve just been unlucky, but even by the second day I didn’t have enough resources. Then I got softlocked due to the no-exit bear room. Still, with improvements, I think you have a winner here.

is it me or this game is bit unfair with he random effect and keep failing. Also what with the damn darkness? This is a glitch right?