Evil Kingdom Simulator - Version 1.0

Well, here’s my submission.

You play the game by picking tiles to explore on a randomly generated map and dealing with the events that the type of terrain can hold. Basically the game ‘Reigns’ with a map.

There’s still more events planned (although my writing speed isn’t the greatest), but there is currently enough to complete the game, even if it’s really short right now.
This is my first time doing anything other than coding, so any feedback on the sound, writing, etc. is greatly appreciated, I really need some feedback :sweat_smile:

You can also message me on discord: Kunnos#6242

Seeing as the jam is nearing it’s end, I’m probably not going to finish writing all the events I have planned, so here’s a poll if you want to vote on which ones should get higher priority

  • The court jester route
  • A cult being formed inside your caste walls
  • Sending out heroes to explore a dungeon
  • A group revolutionaries trying to overthrow your kingdom
  • A lot of shorter events
  • More choices for the current events
  • More bad ends (I just barely stopped myself from making one based on Amigara Fault, don’t let a horror fan write for a fetish game)

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I think there’s a bug in new game plus. I played through a couple of times and now the game crashes every time I open it. I’ve gone so far as to delete it and reinstall it and there’s no change.

Problem went away after I deleted the save file off of the local.

It sounds more like my design decisions are a bit flawed. If it turned itself off after showing the title, it basically means the game is finished. I’ll probably add an actual NG+ since the way it is now just confuses people

Beta2 is out with what should be a working NG+ along some other features

I was greatly amused by encountering a “fatal error” upon dying for the first time in game.

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I seem to be consistently getting the “passed away in your sleep” ending; I’m not sure if it’s due to a lack of content of my choices, but this is a pretty fun concept so far

Yea, that’s what happens when you select a tile with no more valid events. I’d recommend trying to pick different choices while also clicking on more varied tiles.
Right now there are only 3 main questlines, 2 starting from forrest tiles and 1 from water with some smaller events scattered between (and some secret ones with a small chance of triggering).
I hope to double the amount of events before the end of the jam now that the technical side is mostly finished

I’ll admit, I am a little uncertain how to proceed. I keep getting the same handful of events, then the “peacefully in your sleep” end.

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All I can offer as advice right now is to keep trying to pick different tiles and choosing different options. I’ll try to make it less punishing to select an empty tile next patch


Beta 3 is out, patch notes are on itchio, but TLDR: Runs ending too soon should be fixed, and added one more storyline to the game


I believe I found an issue with the slime storyline. After I enslaved them and then gave them rights during the court case, the court case never occurs again and instead of enslaving them in the first event you give them rights. Not sure if that how its supposed to be.
I’m having trouble finishing the Gir storyline and was wondering if there only bad ends to the Angelica and WIlliam stories.

Yes, only bad ends, that’s intentional. When it comes to the courthouse, once you give them rights once, you’ll remember that, even between saves and so you won’t enslave them ever again. Gir’s storyline is pretty complicated, you need to complete multiple flags in a run while also having multiple flags triggered between runs(like the courthouse)

Holy shit, why is this game using up 90% of my GPU? I’m running an RTX 3080, there’s no way it should be working it that hard. I think you need to adjust the graphics or something to not max the user’s hardware.

I mean, there IS a procedurally generated voxelized terrain, so it’s not going to run on older computers, but it’s only using 60% of my gtx1080 with a 4K 144hz monitor, It definitely shouldn’t take this much for you. I’ll try to look into it, maybe V-Sync isn’t working properly

Yeah, my computer is less than a year old. There’s definitely something weird going on. Is there a limit to the size of map it’ll make? If not, there probably should be.

It’s basically a simplified way minecraft does it. It’s unlimited, but only visible chunks are rendered. It just looks like unreal is having a stroke, I’d like to avoid moving to UE5, but if the next update doesn’t fix this for you, do tell me, and I’ll quickly move it

It absolutely hammers my GPU as well, I’d love to play it but it’s absolutely ROARING away. I figure it’s a unity thing.

Yea, unreal in having a stroke, it’s calculating occlusion culling for each block… despite occlusion culling being turned off and blocks being merged into a single mesh. I’ll see if moving to 5 will help, otherwise, I’ll just do some funky stuff with block sizes and resolution scaling to hopefully bring it back. But it’s weird how it runs fine on my GPU

Alright, Beta3.1 - Experimental is out. Upgrading the engine would have caused more issues that I really don’t have the time to fix, so I instead kinda poked around Unreal’s renderer and also added a settings menu. For me the usage was already pretty low, but right now it’s 10% on the highest settings, so do tell me if this actually did something for you. I don’t think the build has any other changes than the visuals