EVORIA - A Stuffing/Vore Themed RPG!

Don’t worry, they’ll show up some more haha. Also yeah, I’ve been a lot busier with life stuff, so Chapter 7 is taking a -little- longer than expected. Progress is still going smoothly though!


I honestly hope that Mitzi gets a change of heart next chapter instead of just trying to kill the main duo the first chance she gets.

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Long time lurker who loves this game (props to you btw Forotherpurposes) and I loved these six chapters so much I actually played through them multiple times!

However, I just realised something about the 6th chapter, so in other words, SPOILERS AHEAD!!

The whole deal with the sixth chapter is to get an antidote for Renee’s friend and Mitzi was taken off the list of subjects because her food was poisoned as well.
Later though we get to know from the detective that she poisened every meal, including her own… because she knew that Naomi or Renee would eat her food as well like all the other times and poison them twice!

I have no idea why it took me this long to figure it out but rest assured I am now more than happy to give Mitzi a taste of her own medicine, literally lmao


Hey! I love this game, but I wanted to request something. The “chapter select” is really great, but the file I started from(the chapter 3 file) was missing some food entries and postcards. The food was already there and easy to get back, but the postcard thing was kind of annoying. Could you make sure all future chapter select save files have all missable items collected?

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That was something I noticed haha, there will be a character in Chapter 7 who sells you any of those missable postcards, so hopefully that can alleviate the problem!


I know I’ll probably get them later, but I’m a little curious. What are the last two postcards in Chapter 6?

I’ve followed this game for some time while lurking in the shadows, so I wanted to finally chime in to congratulate the dev team for the great work. There’s a lot of creativity that’s gone into the setting and characters, and the art (especially the animations) are a cool aspect that give the game more personality.

My only suggestion would be to echo what some others have said re: pacing. I find that sometimes characters with conflicting motivations seem to be on friendly terms quite quickly. I think the choice of overly sweet music in some of the emotional moments can also make the tone feel a bit too on the nose.

Anyway, I’m impressed by what you’ve created so far and am looking forward to seeing what else you have in store!


is it wrong i want to see few pregnancy in this. pregnancy with the girls and future team member?

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Just finished playing the game from the beginning and really enjoyed it.

Happy for the ample content, the videos are a nice bonus, and fun earthbound inspired combats.

Love the internal conflict with Naomi and her day dreams, well done.

Great ending to chapter 6 and looking forward to the next!


Heya, everyone!

It’s been a long while since chapter 6 released and I’m here to give an update. The hub, main story, and art for the chapter are all finished. We’re currently working on sidequests and we’re about to send a build to our private betatesters very soon. Shortly after that, the beta will finally release on Patreon and publicly two weeks later. This is the most unique and longest evoria chapter yet not because of the main story but because of the many things you can do in the game’s main hub, New Pax.

We can’t confirm a release date just yet, but again, expect it to be out pretty soon. Evoria’s two year anniversary is coming soon, so expect something special on that date as well.


Its already been two years?

I um… Damn…


When is the two year anniversary?

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The anniversary starts at June 2nd!


Happy early anniversary then! These last two years have been filled with amazing art and gameplay!
Thanks for it all and here’s for two more years of wonderful stuff, or hopefully less :joy:

Edit: By “hopefully less” I mean that the next chapter(s) doesn’t take two years lol