ExpanD&D - Expansion and Weight gain themed rules for D&D 5e

Ths Swampdweller shifter sub race is interesting to me, being claimed to emit “an odorous stench that mysteriously smells appealing to those they wish it to, and completely disgusting to those they wish to repel.” It sounds like a nice fit for a skunk character, Aromatisse from Pokémon, or some other gaseous creature, and that modification to constitution checks to nearby creatures due to the stench while shifted seems like it could be useful.

Now there’s a slight hitch though, the revised Shifter race in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse removed the sub races from the race. Though, I think it would be as easy to implement to the revised race by adding in the eating skill and the Swampdweller shifting feature as options into the related lists of options for skills and shifting features to chose from. What do you think of it?

So what do you think of the Glutton Incarnate prestige class?

Hey, by any chance do you guys use any online D&D app or something? I’d like to play a session like these online, it would be both my first time playing Homebrew D&D campaign.

Please let me know of an online session, or of the server or something you guys use to play online campaign sessions as soon as possible at your earliest convenience.

Also, I hope I would be allowed to use regular Homebrew classes and not just the ones from the guidebook from this forum.

There are several fairly prominent Expand&d discords, the more prominent being this one here: RetroFeed
It’s run as a westmarches hub/roleplay server, but independent games will pop up semi-frequently in the game announcements tab.

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Thanks man, be sure to let me know if any other online campaigns where these game mechanics are implemented.

Heya lovely, sorry if I’m reviving a dead topic but I’m having troubles saving the ExpanD&D stuff from GM binder as PDFs - do you have updated links as this stuff would really help a homebrew campaign I’m working on :heart:

It’s a staple of the host site, unfortunately. The best method I’ve found is trying different browsers- I can’t remember if its Firefox or Chrome, but one of them can reliably download PDFs from the site…most of the time, at least.