Expanded Lifeforms, 2020's development

This is 2020’s development page for Expanded lifeform, a mod for Stellaris.

Stellaris is a game about space-faring civilisations with the focus on the species and various types of government. You’re not the only one out there, however, and peace is a rarity. In a world of space pirates, fallen empires, exterminators, or the rare pacifists and rogue servitors pampering their bio-trophies… At least the most latter might give you a swell time!

The mod currently host 5 civics, still work in progress, but fully operational, with two additional techs available to everyone.

  • Lustful conglomerates: (“Artists” and entertainers giving your empire a boost in economical growth.)
  • Macro warrior culture : (Enormous soldiers, for enormous conflicts in the vast fields, of the vast frontiers.)
  • opportunist bio-researcher: ( Reusing the lustful conglomorate concept for a more willy wonka-esque culture that can branch into research or economical bonuses. Grant custom resources, exclusive the bio-researchers or researcher grants.)
  • Law of the fattest: (Take your leader on a narration-driven story with three custom-made NPCs, and let these four, lumbering gluttons decide the fate of your empire.)
  • Planetary boroughs: (By giving the control of planets off to oligarchs, the administrative capacity is greatly increased.)
  • Recreative expansion centers and Adaptative planetary transportation : (Whether in shape, or hilariously out of it, help your civilians survive or keep them from ever having to perform a chore, by equipping most of your population with advanced mobility scooters! .)

These pre-existing civics will be improved upon over time with the additions of narrative events and potential mechanics that can be intertwined with a given concept.

Future plans

Feederism Culture
Attempting to make a mod based on social status won’t be easy, and most likely will require me to dip my toes into core files. There is a possibility that the mod might start experiencing incompatibilities once the new content is implemented. People will choose how they wish for the Feeder and the Feedee species right to do over the course of the game, causing events to occur throughout your gameplay and granting or removing the modifiers to either of the species as well.

French translation also needs to be done, it is sincerely somethin i left to the side for way to long due to a busy work and study schedule.

Expansives Tales of the Wide Expanses
With some recent interest into providing myself with financial aid and donations, I decided to take a moment to inform myself about the whole process of providing services and the rulings for modding Stellaris.
Officially, I will be taking commissions for stories whether or not they get implemented due to Paradox’s terms and conditions, but the implementation itself within the mod will be done if the commissionner and myself agree upon it being shared.

Etotwe QnA

  • The initial pricing for the stories are 5$can or about 3,80$usd. For people who wish to have their event randomly showing up in game (Not only within the Etotwe civic) and potentially having an effect, additionnal cost might be necessary depending on how hard a task is. You are allowed and encouraged to ask for this info to be edited to show your local currency.

  • The stories themselves can be about stuffing, weight gain, slob(to an extent), inflation (water, air, fruit) or just something normal for all I know, but overall these stories will be fairly short in order to fit on an event card. Few characters, mostly a singular location, for a longer and more complex story, the cost will be incremented by the cost indicated on the first bullet point.

  • Stories featuring explicit sex cannot be implemented in the mod following the initial commission as they infringe upon Paradox’s terms about modding https://www.paradoxplaza.com/mod-static-info-ca.html

  • You must have a valid Paypal account in order to commission. The commission itself will only be started once all the relevant info for the story and the payment agreed upon is acquired. If the commissionner no longer wants to buy this service, a full refund will be done assuming that the product was not already delivered.

  • It’s easier to contact me through discord, but i will do my best to check the forums for any direct messages (DM) and my email every day. (logogaulin@hotmail.com)

  • The story will be sent in a .word document through The commissioner’s email and Discord if they wish.

Any additionnal relevant question will be added to the QnA

Thanks you for your interest and support for my mod :smiley:

The mod has been released! Here is a direct link to the steamworkshop page!


The mascot’s cozy little art was made by moshi of the bearbuddies!

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Realizing I own this game, I’m now even more interested in this

i might buy this game just for this mod tbh

yo can you put the mod on mega or something for people without steam please?

Right now, it isn’t the goal. It is possible that this will occur in the future.

I am sorry to be unable to provide this request for now.
I will say that hopefully, once things starts to become smoother on my end, i should be able to set a proper link to the files.

But, Etotwe might have a download link setup before the mod itself, since this one civic will be made to honor all the people who believe in this project. So look forward to this one, once people and myself start investing ressources on it.

Thanks you for your interest in my mod.

Expansive Tales of the wide expanse is now in the mod!

Enjoy the first story for the community by enabling it in the main menu.
You can always get your own stories into the mod later to show support :smiley:


  • made it so law of the fattest’s rival line of event does not trigger outside the civic
  • changed version number to 2.5.1, no version errors for now!
  • fixed local files issues on my end for smoother testing

Regarding Feederism culture

I spent 2 weeks trying to work with stellaris’s species rights and traits and sadly wasn’t able to produce working code. The result would have produced clean code and speed up the production of the events for the mode. I switch to using valid “Spaghetti” code, who requires a lot more attention to avoid making dumb mistakes.

I wish you all a great time!


Well, i should have given out more info here but forgot.

Since last update i did the following:

  • Got 7 more stories into Etotwe
  • Experimented and learned a bit more about modifier behavior
  • learned how to properly use the gene modding code for mass or selected trait editing (Simulate a population weight shift if needs be!)
  • 3 more traits inside the game: Obese, Floating species and Biological Frame (Robot only).

My efforts will be geared toward Etotwe and feederism culture. Hopefully we get feederism culture implemented in a définitive manner soon.

Havee a wonderful day


Doing a quick survey to make sure i spend time in the proper places!

Currently able to have it work in a meaningful way, so the civic should be accessible soon, even if in a partial form!

Have a wonderful day!

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I suggest feedees having multiple forms, depending on policies and decisions you make, since there is diversity in feedee-feeder relationships, particularly depending on how heavy the emphasis is on bdsm(or bdsm-adjacent) elements and status associated with it.

Are feedees powerful or powerless? Could an empire turn people into feedees as a punishment? What if the feeders are the subservient class/pets? Stuff like that.


Well, i expected to be posting this later today, but it seems that free use of survey monkey only allows to see 40 max answers (47 total at the time of writing this. Sorry 7 last survey takers!)

So yeah, here is a quick recap of all the results!

results for the first answer is really even! everyone is around the 25% mark. This makes me happy to see this since i would like a little bit of each inside the civic.

For the second question, more about what type of event i should do. Here , people are okay with the usual small event that seemingly aren’t complicated, but also intrigued by events related to multiple empires interactiong with each other! I might slip some events relating to this for sure!
And no feedee insurgency for now.

For the matter of new species within the empire becoming feedees, the vote here was overwhelming.
67,5% (2/3!!!) of you simply prefer it to be a chance thing rather than a total conversion. 5% of all the respondant said that nothing should be done about it.

Lastly, how big for max size in game made for an interesting idea! Most people here are likeminded like me :blush: wanting to go overboard with size. Even if obviously, law-of-the-fattest should be the one having the easiest time getting to absolutely ridiculous sizes, this feature was mostly to try and guess how much work should be invested into a recurrent Population fattening Event . Highest tier trait would be replaced by the next, bigger size assuming that the player had enough ressources for it and wanted to do so. Allowing to go beyond what gene modding could do. So prepare for tiers of blobs :custard:

Lastly…Feedback! (all the respondant are anonymous exept one)

This one answers wasn’t what i had expected, but man does it give a inspirations for more events :slight_smile: This feels like some ideas could find a way into this, although no idea how much i could do with each facets of the civic

The bigger than blob crew

as big as a Planet

The galaxy is large, it is so large that even the grandest buildings are but grains of sand to its immensity. Feedees should be fed as much as possible, in order to crawl closer to the impossible goal of being more than mere grains of sand on a beach.

The sky is the limit for a feedee’s waistline. It might not be feasible but it would be cool to maybe have an event where a feedee was fed till the point of becoming a planet, with events based on trying to find ways to keep them fed or maybe turning them into some kind of gigantic power generator.

Making such massive mass of people would be incredible, but i can’t go further than narrative and traits to emulate bigger sizes without the need of someone who knows how to model and implement ship or planet size fatty models. It isn’t out of question, but this would most likely require commissionning someone.

The reasonnable people

(answered bigger than blob)

It allow the most amount of gameplay (although it has the most work involved). It gives a wider breadth of event interations and also caters to a greater number of groups tastes. It might be worth having the max size controlled by a policy so at the start the policy is set near the smaller end and as they grow larger give more benefits at the cost of more resources.

so that everyone can enjoy all possible sizes and no one is left out

If they’re going to be a pampered pet, then their size should be dictated by their owners/society.

(answered blob)

I just can’t imagine anything bigger than blob. I think max size must be based on a feede type: for pure breed feedees max size is blob, if civic will be common pet feedee it’s max size is immobile, if feedee and feeders are equals theirs size mustn’t get bigger than obese.

Again, i aim at giving the opportunity for people to aim at the perfect population size for any given player, providing opportunities to work their way upward :slight_smile: That way this civic will be a lot more tailored but maybe at the cost of how many events there are for any given event chain.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

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Steam account was stolen last night. Active code development postponed for now.
Friend is helping getting it back, as it is the main platform with the mod’s data. Any future updates will be shared here if any.

Updated mod can only be provided through links and not steam, requiring to set up a local mod if i do update the mod during my impossibility to access my account.

Etotwe and any content commissions are postponed too until the issue is resolved.
Thank you for your comprehension.

Steam account has been reacquired and Steam guard was installed, still doing my best to fight the skinny scammer by using ticket system of the websites he goes on.

Etotwe and other content commission will wait about a week 2020-03-14T04:00:00Z, before being active again, in case of issues regarding the skinny annoyance.

Code development will be back in action on the 2020-03-11T04:00:00Z at the latest due to me handling IRL stuff.

Thank you so much for your comprehension.


Sorry to hear all this man, hope they didn’t fuck with your inventory or workshop content

they don’t seem to have gotten the chance. Steam use a 15 day lockdown system.
Getting my account after 2-3 days pretty much confirms that they haven’t got a chance to mess with too much stuff.

What got some of us worried was if any of my work was tempered. Hopefully they are dumb, the scammer seems to be… reckless. Still trying to use my info to do stuff, but this ends up giving me fuel to open help tickets and try to get him down. If he decides to simply stop, then i’l have less to worry about. If they don’t, i’l make sure to send a snowballing ammount of proofs to the various system they tried to use (G2a payment mostly) and get a few of their accounts of the grid. (because those guys obviously uses bot account in addition to all of those they stole. -_-)

Sorry for the rant, still quite unhappy

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I will be stopping Etotwe commissions for now, Thank you very much if you did buy stories or wanted to buy one. Etotwe will still be active, but any stories added to it (by me or others) will be done without having to pay anything.

(following from a discution with a mod user)

opencode laws not meshing to well with how i handle the service. Any commissions i take should not be linked to something free at is base and that can be modified by everyone. Paradox guideline mixes with it by their policies of not making money out of their work.

Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful day.

steamworkshop download site


Enjoy the current in development version of FEEDERISM CULTURE

  • Contains 2 event paths each with 8 events (Pure-breed feedee and feedee services)
  • Lithoid compatibility for some traits!
  • Bug fixes (say no more to random blobs and feedee before time)
  • 4 more Etotwe stories (Sorry for the wait)

Planned stuff

  • common pet and equal members event lines to be made
  • weight gain event for Federism culture, Rogue servitors and Law of the fattest
  • Origins
  • Tech based Titans! Support the growth of your population by gene modding them into living cities(Weight gain) or Atlas workers (Macro/giants)

Have a wonderful day!


anything for hive minds yet?

Sadly, there is no hivemind oriented content.
Maybe later, but for now i have no clear idea for specific content for this ethic/government type.