Expandyssey: Heavy Helpings (A Tycoon Style Game, Post Jam version)

Howllo and Welcome Everyone!

The game IS FREE! But you do have the OPTION to donate which is very much appreciated! It currently supports WINDOWS and LINUX, and runs fine in Wine as mentioned by another user. Continued development of the Gain Jam #4 entry of the same name. (Expandyssey is my go to naming word currently XP)

Current Stable: Winter Update (1.0.0)
Old Snapshot: S21w42a
The Winter Update has some new and QoL features for players! A new Winterland level with new winter themed items, some items to preview upcoming mechanics, the store window got renovated again to accommodate more items and filter depending on what you need, painting has been revamped a little so objects don’t just have a “tint” of color, a new editing wand that let you have more control over items, and a new SAVING SYSTEM! You can read on all the little details in this devlog post here! (To also quickly access the download too)

:bookmark_tabs: SYNOPSIS:
Run a small business of carts, machines, and vendors to provide food to ever hungry and “growing” populace. Choose if you want to serve furries, humans, males, females, or anything in between. Decorate your place of operation by buying scenery and furniture for your customers to enjoy, customizing how you want everything laid out. But as the customers and orders get bigger, you may need to rearrange and upgrade your locale to accommodate their demands. How will you keep your starving patrons happy?!

:camera_flash: SCREENSHOTS & VIDEO:

Current Trailer:

Current Game Version Screenshot:

Thank you for your time! Have a nice, safe, and fun day!


This is a really fun game so far! I’ve never seen a weight gain game in a tycoon style. I really look forward to seeing how you work on this. :+1:


I have just been notified and have confirmed that the core game play cycle of the game is broken in Snapshot 21w41a thanks to someone providing great detail about their play session. (Screenshots of a setup can give me a ton of information so I encourage one being given along with the report so I can see if I could replicate the problem.) This will be a focused bug to fix by Snapshot 21w42a, and I apologies if I sound dismissive to anyone trying to report it before (I thought fences were the only issue…)

But so this post isn’t just a bug alert, here is some info on Snapshot 21w42a so far:

  • Paint and Tiling are now localized entirely within the Store window
  • Walls are no longer a static item and now have their own tab in the store, being able to set their wallpaper as needed
  • Objects can now be Mirrored when moving or buying by using [F]

I hope everyone will have fun with the next snapshot when it comes out, thank you all and have a nice, safe, and fun day!

Kind of in a rush this morning, but here is Snapshot S21w42a with a patched Rating System, more can be found at this blog and a quick link to the game!

Heeere comes a new game version! The winter update adds in some new features and QoL controls

-An all new Winter themed level (and is the biggest level size yet might I add?)
-Overworld is a little more interesting as it looks slightly more like a town now
-New items to customize your playthrough (and new items to preview upcoming mechanics)
-YOU CAN NOW SAVE YOUR MAPS! (1 Save per map, if you want more you’ll have to manually changes saves at the moment)
-Painting system updated so a specific part of the object can be colored (was planning 4 different color parts but shaders hate boolean logic apparently :/)
-New editing tool that allows you extra control of an object (remove color and change orientation are implemented so far)
-Misspelling to title has been corrected (Unfortunately too late for the trailer :face_palm: )

Known Bugs from this Version:

-Fat level distributions do not keep in between saves
-“The Blue Bones” glitch will cause uncolored items to gain a blue hue on load, most noticeably on the skeletons
-The new vendors are forgetful about their paychecks
-Some locations are hard to see and can be overlooked (These are planned to have some renovation to them so players can have more to start with than just empty lots)

Here is a link to the post with a quick click to download the game here! Thank you for your time, have a nice, safe, and fun day!