F.E.D: remake's reminder

so ummm, im gonna remake one of my old games that i never finished

it was originally a rpg where you avoid stuff to not get fat but i thought it was bad and hard to make so im going to make it a v-pet/tamagotchi-like game, then i scrapped that, so now is a platformer game with pokemon and furrys, and a goodra protagonist

feel free to dm me to help me with it i guess, whenever you want

anyways ima send devlogs here, stay tuned for updates

reminder this is now a platformer


you know what? fuck it, ima make a hard platformer with a goodra protagonist


So if were to understand, you were trying to make a RPG sim and were asking for help. only to change your mind 16 hours later.

I feel a RPG sim similar to V-pet/tamagotchi is a difficult thing to make (assuming this is at least your second project) but it’s an interesting idea to dive deeper in.

though one note is there’s already a similar game: Chub, Chomp, Chill just as a heads up.

but if a platformer is something you wanna make then all i’ll say about difficult platformers is these notes:

  • Make it difficult but fair (it is kinda a cheap trick to have a very hard section only to have a developer trick to pass it by easily, i know some mario makers are guilty of this and it won’t do you any good. have a challenge that you can tackle on the same level as your players)

  • Make retries quick and snappy (no one likes to wait whenever they lose, they want to jump back into the action to try again, the faster the timer from a death to retry the better. look at games like Super Meat Boy/ Celeste)

I can’t help directly but i hope this assists all the same.

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alr thanks, this should help me

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I’d love to help you with your first project. What did you have trouble with exactly?

well, i cant do sprites, i need help with composing, and i need a coder

What programming language is it written in?

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