Fallout 4 Weight gain mod (question for lovers of fat men)

Hello guys, I am planning to add an update on my Weight gain mod Fallout 4 WeightGain mod (ssbbw) by coldsteelj on DeviantArt by adding option to feed male characters. The problem is that I don’t like men and I can create only fat male model mesh in more realistic way. So, this is a question for those who like fat men. I think everyone has their own preference for ideal fat body shapes and I want to ask you to show me a pictures where I can see a fat male body shape which you like the most. I want to understand if there is any specific shapes for different body parts which people prefer to see more instead of realism. The body shape I am looking for should not be very big to not break ingame gameplay and look very bad with default ingame animations.


Coldsteelj I’m a bit late to the game and have been enjoying your mod. I hope you can answer a question. All the ladies (NPCs) that aren’t raiders or synths are wearing purple leggings (I’ve downloaded all your suggestions (incl. colorful leggings) and know I’m missing a mesh somewhere, and wonder if you happen to know which or where that mesh is?

so I have a question if you were to make this mod would this be a whole separate mod or would it be merged with the main mod

Merged. Da hell I need to write 20 characters just to send reply…

I don’t know. My mod don’t make all npc wear the same leggings and if they wear different leggins without textures then you didn’t install one of major outfit modification which replace a lot of main outfits.

I think it’s probably Female outfit replacer. You’ll need all options in the install menu (like stockings etc). Then use Bodyslides and it should works. I had this problem before so i think it might be the same.

Or just don’t create Lazman’s outfit models (Female outfit replacer) in bodyslide if you don’t want to use them.

(so happy to hear that you’re looking to update your weight gain mod to include males! And even better to see you ask for the input of bhm lovers!)

I think for people who like bigger men, body shape preference varies, but two main ones that I see a lot are:

  • People who prefer shape, so think musclechub or beer guts. I would say that this is mainly centered around the size and shape of the belly (round, taut, hard), but also with more muscular features like big biceps, pecs, a thick ass and thick thighs. Here are some quick examples (no nudity): 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • People who prefer size, subcutaneous fat spread evenly around the body. Think everything big; soft belly, fat rolls, man boobs, all that you know. Just basically what you’d imagine when you think of a really fat guy.

From seeing the male modding community in Fallout 4, I would assume that most people (including myself) would be leaning more toward the former (shape) rather than the latter (size). Big muscles with big guts especially. I also read that you’d me more inclined to go for realism with the male body, and honestly, I’d endorse that route. Keeping it big but also staying realistic proportion wise is probably the best approach for this in my opinion. Whichever route you choose to go down is up to you in the end though!

Also, if you’re looking for a good male base bod for your mod, I would highly recommend Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto. From my experience, this is by far the best male body replacer out there!

Thanks again for reaching out for input on your project!


Hey there! For me, I’m a sucker for a pear shaped/bottom heavy guy. Especially a fan on the more flabby look. Fat tends to add more estrogen to a man’s body, giving him slightly feminine features, like wide hips, big moobs, etc, and that’s a big part of it that turns me, and a lot of others, on. Not necessarily the feminization being the focal point, but rather the effect on the body, if that makes sense.
Love handles are just as important as the belly, btw, is the only other thing I can think to tell you to keep in mind. I know you asked for pictures so if I find any I’ll message you but for now here’s this lol


Personally, I think the body should be softer. A pretty big problem I’ve had with the female models, is when they get bigger, the lines, more specifically for the belly and back become pretty unnatural. If you plan on making a male model, try to take this in to account.

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will this update most likely require a new save ?

I don’t think so…

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From playing with the mod as it currently stands for a while would I be correct in thinking there is no way for the player character to loose muscle mass other than using the items added to the chemistry station.

If that is the case would it not make sense for an overweight character to loose any muscles they had previously gained?

For example maybe you could have a check which only fires when the player character use’s the sleep or wait menu. And if their muscles stat is above default, and their weight is above a certain freehold they loose a set amount of muscles.

That way such a feature is possible without the need for a script to be constantly firing consuming memory.

Sorry for the block of text just a thought.

Sure, as soon as a person appears who will say which function can return variable according ingame day timer.

This might help, but I’m not sure: HoloTime - HUD Clock Widget at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community

Sorry it was just an example, I was more wondering if you could have a trigger which goes off whenever the player character sleeps and certain conditions are met. No mater the amount of time they are sleeping for.

Like for example how the vanilla lover’s embrase perk works. Lover's Embrace | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

If the player character sleeps and companion is nearby, they temporary get a perk for a few in game hours, no mater how short or long the period they slept for.

Only in this case instead of the condition would being over a certain weight and muscle freehold, when using the sleep menu (rather than a companion being nearby).

I don’t think there is a reason to make muscle mass decrease on the same amount no matter how many hours character slept.

Fair enough, I was just trying to think of a way such a feature could be implemented without a constant check running. I suppose eating at higher weight levels could cause muscle mass to drop if its above default.

Thank you Heroyne you resolved my invisible armor issue. Coldsteelj I hit a very strange problem with your mod. If my character either eats a single food item or gets hit with that nutrition gun once my character gets stuck in an infinite loop of growing ever fatter (beyond blob size) and I see the message of belly growth looping through various stages. My question is are there any console commands I can use to fix this issue? Note: If I fast run my character loses weight but as soon as she either eats or gets a single hit from the nutrition gun she blows right back up and grows infinitely fatter.

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I don’t think it is possible to replicate with current version of weight gain mod. Some other mod affect my custom slider or you set some strange numbers in MCM settings. Turn off mod, make clear save and then turn mod on again. If this is affect of other mod then with high chance you will see the same bug even if you start new game.