Fat creature in Spore: tutorial

Here is a tutorial for creating fatties by my style.
When I hadn’t conection, or I was been bored at the internet, I usually create some fatties in Spore.
You need only one mod for it “CC scale limit”, Which you can find without problems and download for free.


Maybe I’ll be posting here another creatures, and you may post your ones.

09.10.2019 Debu-Neko:


It says it’s private

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OK, I’ve corrected.//////////////////////

Oooooooh interesting! I might need to get Spore now to take a look for myself

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I tried this technique out and the fatty creatures I make in Spore seem to be far more flabby than before. Thanks for that new technique.

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Not a bad style you have here. Might try experimenting with adapting some of this to my existing methods. I learned a bit about making fatty creatures from MrChubby back in his hayday on the main Spore website. From there I have expanded on some of his methods and developed some of my own.

If you’re curious about MrChubby you can find his work here on the Spore website. Though he’s been inactive for a long while.

While I’m at it I might as well plug my fetish profile on there too. Feel free to subscribe. My aim there is to try and make fetish content without pushing the boundary into outright porn. So basically just skirting within acceptability of site standards.

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Fap for health.

I created a creature using this technique that is very fatty to the point it could be called a blob.


That’s impressive for spore

I recommend SnekyLegDay over Infinite Part Scaling as its only infinite scaling limbs which are the only parts that don’t snap back to normal for people without the mod. Which means its perfectly shareable.

You can find that mod here: http://davoonline.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=8625

Over all thanks for this thread Goof. Without it I would never have learned that oversized limbs are shareable.