Fat (or weight gain) mods in general for whatever game

Bad title

Anyway last year I played kotor 1 and 2 with mods from this site that I found made the game more fun for me and made me more eager to play. I have a rather long backlog of games and I’d like to play as many of them as I can with such mods.

But they’re not easy to find. Kotor is a particular game it feels pretty random for there to be a mod like that for.
I’ve tried looking at the mod nexus, which has one for horizon forbidden dawn that interests me, but it is dominated by bethesda games.

I’ve noticed a lot of mods by @coldsteelj, which are paid, and I’m somewhat considering, but anyway.
I don’t really know if there is anyone else out there as prolific making mods like that.

So I get this is an annoying topic, but these seem really hard to find if they’re out there. I noted looking at the nexus earlier, but there’s baldurs gate 3 mods being made posted on this forum right now, that aren’t on the nexus (I think, at least the kotor mods I mentioned earlier aren’t there, as an example)

If people are willing to share, I’ll endevour to update this topic to link to mods, and try to present it orderly.

Here’s the Horizon mod I mentioned Aloy the BBW Brave at Horizon Zero Dawn Nexus - Mods and community


The @TheAncientOne started a thread here for their aloy mod. Horizon Zero Dawn chubby Aloy project.

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I’m wondering if we should make a wikified topic for mods in a similar vein to the games one?


There’s one for RE4 by @SyAbleman on Nexus that they don’t seem to have posted here, the same person who made the Kotor mods you were talking about. They’ve posted some other mods on this site if you want to check their account out too.

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If you don’t mind the anime vibes, BaronOBeefDip has mods on his Patreon for Persona 5 that change Ann, Makoto, her sister, and coming soon Futaba into various states of fatness.