Fat Samurott/pokemon pack : The last bite

Welcome all of you to the chubby pokemon pack~

all this is possible thanks to Fat Alex

brings a total of 6 new models and each of them with a version compatible with Just another bite

download the skins here

You need “customizable player model”


was hoping you’d release these, awesome to see them in their own topic!!! are these just cpm models, or is there a download for the ‘just another bite’ mod i’m not seeing?

You only need customizable player model, the models that are marked with “JAB” you only need to download the “just another bite” mod and use it together with cpm

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I know this may sound a bit odd, but could I ask for a version of this that starts off slimmer? That way you’re going from skinny to extra fat, rather than just fat to extra fat?


I was also wondering this. I think the latest version of the Fat Alex mod has thin to fat weight gain capabilities but I don’t know if that’s possible to implement to this mod, sorry if it isn’t. I just like the idea of a thin Pokemon lady turning into a big blob after getting very gluttonous. x3