Just Another Bite! A WIP Minecraft Mod All about stuffing yourself till you're ready to pop!

So, I have been tinkering around a bit, and ended up making what I had initially dubbed the “Oversaturation mod”! Of course, at the moment, it is a bit barebones, but it does work, for the most part! Essentially, this Mod is to be paired with the CPM Mod, found here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/custom-player-models
And Essentially, using that allows you to design how big/full you’d get at each fullness stage! At the moment, the mod runs off of a few new food items, which are “so tasty, they can be eaten even after completely full”, aka, just another bite ;3 When you do so, the Saturation of said food item is added to your character, and your CPM will grow debating on how much you ate! But be careful! Eat too much, and you’ll find the results Explosive!!!~



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Interesting. Have you considered expanding the concept into content other than merely eating food items? For example, growth through getting attacked by slimes or getting hit by shulker projectiles.

I hope to see this mod be completed in the future! This seems interesting!

I have indeed! Though the idea for now must be completely implemented strongly before I go trying such a thing!

this is a peek at the very first Working Prototype! Now with extra Size stages!



Added: Potion of Bloating, “Ravenous” potion effect.

Added An Oversaturation Decay System, which reduces oversat when saturation is below 20.

Potion of Bloating causes the Oversat decay to completely pause till the potion effect is over.

Ravenous (Not Yet Implemented), causes Oversat and Hunger to Rapidly Drain, may add a Speed boost.

Stuffed Potion effect now has actual Functional Potion effects


is it possible to turn off the popping? really not my thing.

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Technically speaking, It’s not until you go overboard that you would. you get to choose how big each stage is as well, and now, when your saturation goes down, the Oversaturation will automatically start draining!
So dw too much about popping, you’re even given a warning!

Regardless, I Could theoretically turn it off, but it is technically there for balance as well so, Idk! if enough people request it, I can make it toggleable I suppose

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You’re making me consider learning Java.

why may that be friend?

Edit: Nvm, thought about it for a bit Lol

but dw, the mod is honestly picking up a decent bit of steam, currently at version 0.11 for 1.16.5 (to be ported to greater versions once I’ve made significant changes ofc). I could definitely tinker around with the idea of Slimes that inflict oversaturation, as well as some other things in the future, once I start distributing this! Also got a Multiplayer mechanic idea in the works, for helping friends stay topped up~ >;3

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Is there a download for this mod or is it like in early early development?

Would this use Fabric or Forge? I’m asking, because I recently learned about a relatively new mod called Figura: Figura - Minecraft Mod

Not only does it have similar support to CPM, it also has support for custom meshes (not just blocks) and it has Lua scripting support, which would mean you could animate the growth a lot smoother and use spheres for the model if needed! Swapping may potentially be worth it (assuming you use the same framework).

I’m not aware of any like. fetish models that are being made for figura. Sure you could, but I know a lot are being done in CPM right now. (including mine, though it won’t have weight stages). CPM has the significant advantage of not needing to know how to script things. Like, sure you can do more with figura, but most users of mods aren’t gonna know how to use lua and won’t want to learn. It’s already a bit of a stretch with CPM as it is.

It is in Early Development, However I could give out a Version if requested. I will also do some stuff for helping you set up the model to work with it!

I will not, I tend to Prefer CPM for the Blockier Look (Spheres and Minecraft feel a bit odd lol), But also, The Showcase was the earliest Version made, and is only so choppy due to the few frames I built up for it. I personally improved it since then so it’s alot smoother for the most part!

I’m personally all up for a testable version, however I also wanna make sure I give you time to really do up all that you want with it. How survival-accessible are the food items at this point in programming?

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Okay, so the few foods in the game that are added are Fairly Midgame I would say, with the cheapest one being slices of a special cake (Which don’t fill you up alot at all), But indeed, all of the food items are indeed obtainable in survival, and it makes sense you’d have to be living well in order to indulge, yes?

That being said, I am also working on allowing excess Saturation/food values to pour over into it, which will allow for you to already get a bit of progress at least! Atm, I have a version for 1.16.5, however you’ll also need the Mod Customizable player models. I shall post a test version, as well as a compatible Test model for those wanting it!

Sounds awesome then! To be frank about the model, I must ask, how did you rig it up to be CPM compatible? I wanted to make a similar mod, but, other than controlling the food level of the player, I couldn’t quite figure out how to get it to work.

Well, For the Most part, I used the /CPM Animate Command, and linked it to a Value slider! I will say I am open to expanding to other ideas myself with this, and am potentially interested in designing compatibility to other mods perhaps once it’s much better!