Fat 'Till Friday - Demo

The Fat 'Till Friday Demo is now available to play on itch.io!
Play it now!

I’m proud to announce to release the first public demo of Fat 'Till Friday! This sneak peek covers the first day of Michelle’s week post-fattening. Fat 'Till Friday is a point and click adventure featuring an active affinity system, three possible romances and tons of dialogue written by yours truly!

Fat 'Till Friday is still in development so I ask that you support the project on Patreon.com/Kynes. Patrons get access to early game builds, early access to my regular scheduled content, and help me buy lots of fattening goodies!

Please comment your feedback bellow! As always, your support is what helps make my art possible, whether you help financially, or by commenting and sharing my work. Without you there would be less fat art in the world, and that’s not a world I’d want to live in.

Thank you!


Man, I have been dying for this! Looking forward to the full game as well.

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I remember seeing this a bit ago. How much of the game is done so far?

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The game looks good and really interesting, but one of the downsides is that the human wg element turns me away from it. I’m not being rude, just honest.

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I’ll most likely try it when the project is fully completed. Though just out of curiosity could you give a summary of what’s in the demo versus the 5$ version on itch?

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The demo covers the first day of Michelle’s week. Currently, the game has 5 complete locations, 7 characters, three if whom are romancable, and a half dozen completable quests. There’s still quite a bit for me to do. I’m planning on adding 5 more locations, about a dozen more characters and a ton of quests.

This demo is an example of how the game will play, as well as a progress update, since initially I wanted the game to be finished in November.

At present, the final release date is TBD.


The $5 download is essentially a pre-order, and doesn’t currently include any additional content.
I’ve been using Itch to supply my patrons with alpha versions of the game. I’m updating that file every week to keep my supporters in the know about what progress is being made.

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I’m always in the market to make more furry content. Leave me a message on KynesArt.com and we’ll talk.

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The demo covers the first day of Michelle’s week. The purchasable link is being used to update my patrons, and while it does technically allow you to progress past the first day, there isn’t currently any additional content. That will change as the game is updated.

I tried to the $5 download, but when using paypal, it just let me write the card information again and again. I don’t why this happened?

That’s annoying. The Good news is the free demo is the most up to date version of the game. Purchasing the game at this point is only necessary if you’re looking to put some money in my pocket.

Great demo so far! Liked all the characters.


I’m really liking what’s here so far! I’ll definitely be following this closely!

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I just tried the demo out and loved it! I really appreciate all the small touches here, they really make the game feel more fleshed out and higher quality. Like the ability to have characters call you by an alternative nickname and the clothes customization, those were quite enjoyable features!

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Yes, it is really annoying, I already downloaded and played the demo. So I want to prepurchase the game. Maybe when the game is published , I can buy it without any trouble.

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Thanks? But I cannot email you on your website, so I have to resort to here, and your game would be better if there’s some furry weight gain in it

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I put a reply on itch.io, but: the game won’t work for me?

Played the game and while its pretty barebones right now they are very good bones for the rest of the game to build off. Im hoping for more intersting quests and characters as well as more outfits!

good game but problem is im getting alot of crashing still good hopefully it gets fixed soon

Played the demo. Game has a lot of promise, looking forward to purchasing on release.