Fatocracy - A Crusader Kings 2 (Base game now free to play) weight gain expansion mod

So when I check my weight I am given the weight level correctly, but the following description is always of the skinny level. has anyone else had this issue? originally I thought this may have been because I’m not exactly using a legitimate copy of ck2, but the same issue happens on the free game on steam.

My offer from awhile back still stands. I am more than willing to write some flavor texts to fill in the large number of placeholders… if this mod isn’t dead.


CK2 mods are all just fully visible and editable. If we have the original developer’s permission, a fork of the mod can be made to continue it on our own accord. There might also be the chance they are actually working on it in their spare time.


yeah if anyone wants to pick it up for themselves they are welcome to do so. Right now I’m not really working on the mod myself