Fatocracy - A Crusader Kings 2 (Base game now free to play) weight gain expansion mod

art by TakoYasi on Deviantart for the mod

I’ve been making a weight gain mod for Crusader King’s 2 for about a year and a half. It isn’t finished yet, but it is playable. The aim of the mod is to greatly expand on the existing weight gain mechanics of the vanilla game while also making it not completely dominate the core experience.


  • Improved the weight gain mechanic to have 11 different weight tiers from vanilla’s 2
  • Replaced the age limitation for obesity with a lower number (vanilla required characters to be 45, now they just have to be considered adults)
  • Removed the extreme health penalties of high weighs and replaced them with combat score penalties (and minor health debuffs at extreme sizes)
  • Added the ability to track your current weight
  • Added a clothing system with different clothing for different sizes
  • Added a fetish system, your character can have a fat fetish (usually used as a stand in for feeder) or be a feedee
  • Interactions with your lover/spouse/concubines related to your fetish, including coming out, stuffing sessions, dinner dates (this doesn’t require a fetish), fondling, and more
  • Diet and physical activity system to assist with managing your and your family member’s figures
  • Female characters have a random chance to have their weight be directed to different places, giving small benefits and more combat score penalties as they gain weight
  • Added a skill system to supplement/replace the WoL dlc. Skills include cooking, baking, hunting, tailoring, and soon to be fishing. All unlock or improve abilities in some of the mod’s events.
  • Ability for some characters to feed their prisoners to make them gain weight
  • Most tribal nations are more aggressively against weight gain, use this to strategic advantage
  • New artwork. Some are from other artist’s with their permission, others will be from me.
  • Fantasy elements. Potions with various effects can be discovered, a magic system is going into place. There will be more magic themed events as well.
  • Customizable options. You can turn off the fantasy elements and/or the nonconsensual content. All are on by default.
  • No DLC is needed to play, but they will make it better. In the future, the mod will have some content exclusive to the DLCs, but not until after the 1.0 release.

Has compatibility and features for the mod “Luxuria Fantasia”, “Tentacled Dreams”, and “Tale of Nine-Tails”. Here’s the demo, now with the temporary obesity bugfixed: Fatocracy Demo 9 now with less fat.zip (2.2 MB)

Before attempting to install, run the game without the mod first if this is your first time playing CK2.

  1. Download the mod’s archive
  2. extract the contents of the archive
  3. move the contents of the archive into the folder: “Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings 2\mod” (NOT the archive itself), (if there is no mod folder, make one)
  4. open the game’s launcher
  5. open the mod panel on the right side of launcher (it’s next to the dlc tab)
  6. look for “Fatocracy” in the list of mods
  7. check the box to enable the mod
  8. the mod is now installed.

The Immobility trait, (To my knowledge) is invisible is it supposed to be like this?

Yes, at this point in time the new traits don’t have icons yet. Expect a tiny update a few days from now with the icons.

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Ok cool, I’ve been experimenting with it a bit to try to get the lay of how it works

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Will there ever be a way to get like magical resistance/workarounds to the bad stuff about weight gain? Especially immobility, it’s hot but really annoying for actually playing the game. Plus, food addiction is a hot concept but you basically have to console command it away to get any weight loss done. Hence why the thing I’m angling for is more “be as much of a pig as you want and it doesn’t matter” rather than just “don’t get fat”

So far, my workaround is to just disable the regency feature and use console commands, but still.

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There is one magic item to reduce the negative effects of gluttony currently (it’s a potion that reduces the amount of stewardship is drained while gluttonous). But general answer to that question is no, there will not be many ways to circumvent the negative effects of weight gain. What will be offered instead is more reasons and options available to you as a trade off to those negative effects (Some of which will be extremely powerful if you know what you are doing with them). As it is now, weight gain is more for personal satisfaction. While this is a fetish mod, I don’t want being overweight to be overpowered, I want there to still be a reason to be thin (this is mainly to cater to those that like to play the role of a thin feeder type character and to maintain a semblance of realism and balance).

For the food addiction though, there will be ways to remove it in game soon. I’ll also probably tune it to be a bit less quick to snowball into an immobile blob.

I can understand that.

Plus I found out that the general answer to not letting a character get out of control is to just keep them from being a reckless eater and in turn they likely won’t develop food addiction, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep their fat from snowballing and becoming practically immune to weight loss efforts (although I had some success otherwise with giving my meals to prisoners)

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Wonderful that you finally have your own well deserved thread for this!


What has changed since the last version?

The main things that got added was the hunting system and the ability to turn your hunts into feasts. Other than that it’s mostly localizations and the immobile trait. I also got a start on the major content for LF’s Neko’s but none of that is playable as of yet. Apologies if I kept you waiting for such a relatively anemic update, between September and now I’ve either been stressed or was with family members.

Really it’s good enough to have this mod being updated at all, half of my fun so far is using the game to supplement my own imagination and roleplay anyway.

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If anyone is around, I’ve never played CK2 before, could I get some help installing this mod? I have it in my CK folder in documents but it’s still not appearing under mods

I updated the main post with the install instructions.

Here they are, sorry for the inconvenience. Also just to nip a future question in the bud, if you see text like this “Dinner_Date_Description” during events, that’s normal. Not all of the text is written out yet, but I did make the “code” as descriptive as possible, so you at least still know what you are doing.

Thank you! Also, am I crazy, or is it impossible to state that I’m from the U.S. in the “country” section of account creation

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I don’t understand the question, are you referring to your weight gaming account or a paradox account?

Paradox lol, nevermind that uh, could I get a bit of a recommendation on the easiest way to start out with a playthrough to experience this stuff? Going in blind and worried I’ll either die instantly or be an old man surrounded by little of the mod content.

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For just playing the game itself, I’d recommend watching someone play it for about an hour or so, it looks more intimidating than it actually is, you’ll get used to it eventually (took me only a playthrough and I got it). There’s no shame in save scumming either, especially for a first time playing. I’d start as one of the counts in Ireland during the 1066 start date, it’s the safest location and time for new players. If you only have the base game DO NOT try to switch to any religion that doesn’t fall under the distinction of Christianity, doing so without the relevant dlc will cause an immediate game over (Heresies of Christianity or different branches of Christianity are fine though).

I’d recommend just hammering heavy diets with minimal physical activity. Keep doing that and your character is likely to end up a slothful (from minimal activity) glutton (from the diet).

When prompted with actions that could lead to getting the lustful trait, do so if you want your character to be a fetishist as that trait is usually what’s necessary to get the fetish traits in some of the events.

Right click on your spouse and take them on dinner dates, it’s a fairly more consistent way to get the fetishes and weight (but it can have unintended consequences, but you probably will want them to happen anyway).

The ruler designer dlc (i know, it’s ridiculous to have to pay for it) is also very handy just giving your character the desired traits you want.

Right click on yourself from time to time, there is a decision that’s name escapes me, it is a menu that allows you to weigh yourself and pick out clothing if you are wearing something that doesn’t fit you.

To get the skills, hire a cook to get them to tutor you in cooking, have a friend and you will eventually be given a prompt to start learning how to bake (or if the friend/lover already knows how to bake they can tutor you too), the tailor shop offers tailor tutoring, and finally either go hunting and kill something or get tutoring from your master of the hunt/huntsman.

Some insane characters get a special Casus Belli that I won’t spoil, but you might enjoy using it or briefly enjoy losing to someone who used it on you (but it can often cause long term realm instability).

Hunting is the main way you will have access to the potion system at this time. Later there will be a more reliable to unlock it.

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Here’s the game plan moving forward in terms of what I’m going to work on next. First, we need those icons for the new traits and the hunting decision, as well as any localizations I forgot to add in the previous update. After that, I feel that the market place is the next logical step after the addition of hunting so that the furs actually have a purpose for non tribal and nomadic characters. Then I’m thinking of wrapping up the Kitsune’s magic system along with giving the AI to finally use their spells. Fishing will probably come after that (won’t be as in depth as the hunting system thankfully) and to wrap it up, the Neko cataclysm/totem events will be that last thing I need to make before the next update.

I apologize if its been answered before but I was wondering if there was a plan to “clean up” some of the placeholder and description texts that occur?

All in all it’s not the end of the world because the mod is still fantastic. Was just curious.

Step 1. Make a Roman Character
Step 2. Get Married.
Step 3. Reform Hellenism to have multiple wives
Step 4. Reform Roman Empire
Step 5. Have wives become feedees
Step 6. ???
Step 7. Profit.