Fattening Lot (Sims 4)

It’s your favorite inactive Sims 4 modder back at it again. I have been super busy irl and I have basically had no time to work on any sims 4 mods, that being said I still can’t help but fiddle around with making mods every now and then. So while I was messing around and doing some tests on my free time, I created a semi-complete mod. Basically what this mod does is add a trait that fattens up sims on whatever lot has the trait, there are several different traits with the only difference between them being the speed of the gain. And of course it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include an immunity trait for the lot gains, just incase for some crazy reason you don’t want sims to get fat.

PS. I got locked out of my old discord, so I am not involved in my discord server at all lol

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xekotPkRvEKEhWvstkoSRa86KdwRzZpm/view?usp=sharing


oh boi, cant wait to use this with my demonic serial killer

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Nice! What is the difference between this and your original Fattening Lot trait, just the speed of the gain/it being variable how fast it goes? Should I uninstall the original in order to use this one?

Yeah, that one was just a bonus mod for my modpack. This is a more complete mod with different speeds designed for different lots.


Nice this looks great