So I’m told this got eaten in the data loss backy uppy thing, so here’s this again;

FattFatt is a simple action RPG by the talented arist ‘뎁뎁이’. Defeat various food demons or they will feed Cherry.

I’ve taken the liberty of converting all the filenames, text, etc. into ASCII characters only so any computer can run and play it. I’ve also fixed a few minor annoyances from the original (the MIDI driver taking a while to load on modern machines, leading to a three second pause in the middle of the action, and such like that).

You can find the game uploaded here.
You can find more work by the artist on tiwtter and on Pixiv.

What happened to the weight gain dungeon beat em up game (Fat Fat)

Added the unclaimed tag since you are not the original creator of the game. Thanks for the translation though.


I suppose this belongs here now

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So I realized there’s a second ending in this, thanks to peeking at the sprite files.

At the very end, after the final save, once you get the white door to spawn you can backtrack a tiny bit to find a new red door.

Considering how simple the game is, this is something I would never had thought to try if I didn’t see the files for it lmao.

Here's a tiny preview:

Also there’s a few unused sprites in there that are pretty cute, obviously from earlier attempts at the game. I put them together in one sheet here:



how do you support the zip


This game was short…But also Very entertaining for at least 15 minutes on it.

I wonder if the Artist making more games like this. It was very good…short but good.


They made fattening, for Halloween and to celebrate 3000 followers on twitter, or some number like that.