Uh I’m on Android and I’m waiting to get my Wifi Adapter so I can use my PC and download FattFatt:Fattening but I don’t know any android port and I’m not searching any by myself, I don’t like those type of searches.

You can. Just download joiplay.


Oh yea I forgot of Joiplay

Just so people know, he has been back on Twitter for some time now and he also has a Patreon. I know he left originally because South Korea decided to send people to jail for making porn.

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links for patreon and twitter??

I got you champ

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=79210439&utm_campaign=creatorshare_fan

Twitter: https://twitter.com/debyjull?t=RRwMPIJmmFW1-9S1iCvoJw&s=09


idk about anyone else but it’s not letting me download the .zip on the box website. I click the download button, it says it’s downloading, but nothing is showing up in my downloads section on Firefox or my PC download folder

Welcome to weight gaming @Fridfinnur_Ulfur_Ein. It’s linked in the first post. They are both the same just one link is an alternative file sharing link.

Hello I’m new here and I was wandering if you know some games like FattFatt? if you don’t mind :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Hello and welcome @Aya_Benameur to weight gaming. The artist and dev behind FattFatt has changed their name a few times. They have gone by J8867bbw, and most recently debyjull.

Some of their other games include:

There are multiple topics on the site about their games. J8867bbw’s Games - General Discussion - Weight Gaming You can use the search function on the site or check out something like the user maintained list of games that will have some of the games on the site listed there. That might help you find some new things you would be interested in.