j8867bbw made another thing. It's called Pkinad's Prison

This one’s more comparable to the ghost one he made a while back. The premise for this one seems to be that the main character is in a prison. There are quite a few endings to find, just like that ghost one. It was pretty good, and worth checking out. You can find it here:

Here are some screenshots of the game as well:


I seem to be missing something, since i can’t get past the guard in the storage room, what am i supposed to do there?

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Be patient and wait for a window to hide in the locker (The random movements can make this take a long time)

actually the blind guards don’t have a random movement pattern, they do move around in a set, so just observe and stay out of the way

It seems someone beat me to mentioning this on here XD

But for real I’m glad I’m not the only one spreading word of j8867bbw’s awesome games

This one’s certainly a doozy though given how precise you gotta be with timing!

created an account to ask - got the knife and found my way through to the gated door connected to a weighing scales, I figure I need to increase my weight to get through and to do that I need to get into the kithcens, but I still can’t go into the food room (the one with a knife and fork on the door) as I’m greeted with the message “why would you go into the place where you can hear horrifying blade grinding sound”. does anyone know what to do?

Keep moving forward, you’ll find a statue you can use to progress.

the statue that was used to draw away the monster? is there another one?

EDIT: I think it was just a scripting error before, went back and did everything the same and I could enter the kitchen

I need help, I cannot go past this one because you need to be fatter in order for the scale to unlock the door.

How do you escape from the chef? You’re just not fast enough, and the only door you can reach in the hallway is locked.

Run: arrow keys + A to run

Oh, thanks. I assumed since shift + arrows didn’t work, nothing would.

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How to pass the first monster?

I’ve run into a couple problems, and I’m hoping someone here can help me. I apologize in advance, but I can’t recall how to set spoiler tags.

I’ve distracted the bondage monster by breaking the statue, and gotten the storage key. Unfortunately, I have no clue what to do now. One door goes back the way I came and delivers me to the blind fatties, another goes to the statue room and delivers me to the bondage beastie. The knife and fork door refuses to open, with the message listed above, “why would you want to enter a room with horrible grinding noises?”

I’m not really sure what to do or where to go from here. All my paths seems blocked or fail points.

You have to enter through the fourth door from the left and take the pruning shears to cut the plants from the last door.

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Holy crap, that chef is ridiculous. I think I might need a counter for how many times I’ve failed to escape, lol.

Course, now I’m just trying to unlock all the endings.

Help someone please, i’m dying at the start

If I’m right with my guess as to where you’re struggling, you need to hit enter to hide in the cabinets. The blind fatties have a movement pattern, so you’ll just have to wait until you can safely move. Down enter and arrow to exit a hiding place.

he locked his account, does anyone have a backup?

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