Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 2/1/24, Ver!!! (insert vore joke lol)

I always feel dumb for forgetting this but does anyone know the max party size? I know battle size is capped at 4 but just trying to figure out the max party size rn.

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I’m pretty sure it’s the MC and four core companions for a total of five, and then up to two side characters? like Susan or Polly.

Some bug that I encountered: Skill “Boar Confidence”, one that you get by collecting pig ears, insta killing the character that uses it, even when the character is on full hp (the character is supposed to lose only half of hp after using it).

Out of curiosity and hopefully this question gets answered by someone on here, how would you guys describe Kui’s personality? If not her then at least the other female characters then?

bit of a airhead that mainly gos with the flow shes chill but can take notice when shit gets real if anything to me she is on the very and i mean very edge of being a tomboy but over all she just a vibe type feel to me

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Thanks for putting that in the best way as possible as you can, anything else in more specific detail, personality traits, behaviors, among other stuff?

now thats harder to say cuz if you have played the game you know we as a player can dam near throw her in to any type of personality my answer from b4 was mainly based off of the dialog were we DONT get to pick/speak for her so she is almost a clean canvas for the player.

Dang, okay if not her, then let’s start with one of her friends at least or one of the female characters such as Rumia for example?
We do know that she’s a fan of anime, manga, including video games, a meet, but we need more information about her personality in context aside from her likes and dislikes considering how the only dislikes we have for her the most far would be from food she doesn’t eat.

i would not call her a “neet” do to the fact most neets hate going outside and tend to be super introverts rumia is not bothered by social interactions as much so i would say she is just a otaku.
I know she hates her sisters husband and as much of a airhead her sister can be at times she stills listens to her and cares for here when in the party there are times she gives off the same " i fallow the flow" energy as kui but she will make it known if the current flow of things are not to her likening.
She seems to fill the typical main characters BF spot when recruited if you know what i mean. I have notice that the fatter she gets the more bold he is but not to a severe extent as well as she is the type of person who would compare RL scenarios to some random anime episode or VG every now and then. hmmm she lacks a bit of will power considering she did try to Eat you at the start succumbing to her growing hunger but is also someone who is willing to acknowledge her mistakes and apologize for them.

if you truly want the best answer for these questions it would be best for you to ask the creator but you will have to have pacions with them as they tend to be on the bizzy side of things.
I’m just giving you my answer as a player but no one would be able to answer these perfectly save for Herokero themselves TBH.

Crap, so basically the best way to get definitive answers would be to ask the dev after the dude finishes the game.

if its personality and traits what your asking for just ask them what they had in mind when making each character no need for the game to be done mainly cuz this is something they would already
know/ plan out b4 finishing the game

The question is where can I find it?

ask here, on there patron or check and see if they have a discord server theres not much ales you can do i think and asking players may end up giving you similar yet different answers to each character so you wont end up with a definitive answer unless you ask them but if its just a general idea keep asking players here take all the similarity’s in the answers and try to piece together a answer that would be close to what herkero invasion for each character.

Okay so I know they have a patreon but do they even have a discord cuz I never seen the link? I haven’t seen it at all and I’m not sure whether or not if they have one?

they may not have one “yet” but like i said they tend to be on the bizzy side of things it may take some time but im sure you will get a answer last i remember they did say RL stuff has been keeping there plate full so i would not be surprised if they are focused on that until they can get some free time to addressee questions or continue working on the game sad to say but this is a passion/hobby and bills must be paid somehow so all i can say is have hope and give them time.
But if you dont mind me asking y are you looking for such detailed info on the characters?

Out of pure intellectual curiosity and inquiry of knowing the deep psychological functions of what makes the characters them. Plus I understand the whole needing to pay bills considering how things have ridiculously become a lot more reasonably expensive financially due to over inflation, which is not surprising.

well i wish you luck in your inquiry i my self have not played the game in a good bit cuz starpounds and other game from this forum got a update not to long ago i am planning on replaying this game soon had a lot of fun with it and the dialog between some characters will always make me chuckle XD.

How good is starpound? I used to play the mod starround on the Starbound game a while back.

Also, another reason why I was asking regarding the personality traits regarding the female characters is also for an experiment of mine.

The reason why aside from intellectual inquiry regarding psychological study, would also be experimenting with AI chatbots to be able to experience what it would actually be like or as close as possible with interacting with these female characters from the game.

And don’t worry, it’s only private accessible to me and not public to not violate any rules or regulations or irritate the developers.

So far, from the experiment results have been… Okay so far… But not as close.

Just out of curiosity but do you guys know any other game similar to this? Looking for something to play as we wait for this game to be updated. I’ve already played project F.A.T several times so something else, if you know anything