Favorite Pokémon

Reading about a new pokémon game a creator is making made me wonder what favorite pokémon do other people have on this site? Mine is Slowpoke, and second favorite would be Pichu. Only original Slowpoke though no Galarian.

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My top five:

  1. Mimicyu
  2. Incineroar
  3. Squirtle
  4. Gengar
  5. Mew
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My favorite Pokemon is Zubat. When I was in college I made a weekly comic about Zubat and his adventures with Kirlia and a couple other Pokemon, which I stopped updating around comic 100 due to lack of interest. I still like the Pokemon, not because it is good, but because of how bad it is, its confusing movesets over the years, the fact it can breed with birds and learn breeding only moves like Bravebird from them, and other weird traits.

I was actually pretty upset when it wasn’t in Sword and Shield, as I typically try to challenge myself in each game to keep an unevolved Zubat in my active party all the way to the Elite Four. Fortunately, Zubat was added back into the game in the expansions.

Here’s an icon I made for my Trello account back when I was still updating the comic!
Loving Zubat


Honchkrow all the way.

For me, my personal favorites would have to be Vulpix, Ninetales, Sneasel, Espeon, Zangoose, Lucario, Zoroark, Lycanroc (all three of its forms), Zeraora, and Raboot.
For me, there is just something about their designs that I like.

Tropius, Bulbasaur, Sandile and Krookodile are pretty neat!

I actually just got a tattoo sleeve started of 6 of my favorite Pokémon, which are Feraligatr, Ampharos, Togekiss, Umbreon, Crobat and Herracross. I got the outline done a few weeks ago and I’m starting the colors soon.

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Heracross, Blastoise, Flygon, Nidoqueen, Chinchou, Sableye, Togedemaru, Lapras.

For nsfw: Snorlax, Misdreavus, Nidoqueen, Lapras, Goodra.

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Snorlax, because
A. I have a big ass plush
B. Relatable af
C. the one who started this “thing”

That’s amazing I’m an artist as well but I’m not very good at backgrounds so I don’t post much if any online. But yeah pokémon has gone downhill for a while now in fact I only like 2 pokémon in the newest generation Alcreame and Orbetle and I’ve loved at least 20 in each generation from before the newest one

I really want a gigantic snorlax plush I’ve only got the small poke doll one right now but maybe if I find a good price for one I’ll buy it.

Serperior, Cinccino, Gardevoir, Jolteon, Banetthe and Charizard

(Not in that specific order)

–Perfect team–
Everstoned Luxio

All my favorites are mostly different types, so I got really lucky. I want some return on most of my babies, and I just love them overall.

Team kinda sucks, but I love them all for their own distinct personalities and styles.

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Also Alcremie, Meloetta, Mawile, Rayquaza, Goodra, and Tapu Lele.

Meloetta and Mawile are good ones. Glad to meet more people who like them

I actually did come up with a perfect team for ultra sun and ultra moon which was inspired by this one npc battle tree battle where no pokémon were able to hit each other so I wanted to make that pokémon the most important pokémon in the team which was Vespiqueen. But the pokémon with the specific moves and abilities needed don’t appear in sword or shield.

I’d say gengar and snorlax are at a tie for me, and ursaring is a close second. Also howdy ;D

I share the sentiment for NSFW Nidoqueen, Snorlax and Goodra. :wink:

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I think my all time favorite Pokemon is Serebii/Celebi. I have many favorite Pokemon, But Celebi is the one I favor most.

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It’s a really tough call for me between Torchic and the Trapinch line.