Newly updated with NewGame+! I didn’t have time for all the other races but at least there’s goblins!

WASD to move
Spacebar to interact
ESC to pause


Enjoying it so far, more than anything so far in the Jam. Looks pretty promising. First bit of feedback is around controls - maybe just inform the player what they are (not that it was devastating, but the only ones I found were that there were no arrows, but instead wasd - did I miss any?) And on my second run, I had this error come through after I died.
Screenshot 2022-08-24 151916

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If it happens again could you press F8 and take a screenshot of it?

Also I will add something in about controls

Sweet game man. I love games like this. Haven’t tried the newgame+ yet, but it was definitely a blast. Good job!

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After going through the first two levels, a few notes:

  • Nice to see the various weapon types largely be viable, though the flank flurry seems to have certain tiles/spots as the origin instead of the character, which makes it inconsistent to use.

  • Later in a level the enemies will sometimes spawn a little close for comfort.

  • After the end of stage 2, the timer kept going down and enemies kept coming until I opened the chest.

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Really neat and interesting game.

I think I managed to cheese the first boss

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Pretty mindless fun. Weird that I can’t use the arrow keys, but whatever. I found the fire breath kept going off after opening the chest, which made me laugh more than it probably should have. I think this is the first time I’ve been told about a new game + mode, but it wasn’t implemented yet, so that was different lol

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Yeah it happens when you level up after beating the boss. I already figured out a fix and I’ll update when I’m home.

Not going to lie, I thought that was intentional so you could use the rest of the time to farm for gold. I encountered it at each boss but the last so it just felt planned haha.

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This is great. Honestly the gameplay is a lot of fun and I love the powers and the progression of abilities. It feels great to be really overpowered as the run progresses. The visuals look awesome overall, this is a nice concept.

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Why is the first boss just the goblimon sprite from digimon world ds
DS DSi - Digimon World DS - Goburimon

Just gave this game a try. I enjoyed the gameplay loop despite its simplicity - becoming extremely powerful is always a fun thing to do in any game. However, I unfortunately had to stop short at world 2 because the game was getting extremely laggy past floor 3, and since enemies kept spawning and spawning I had no choice but to crawl through the levels at less than 3 FPS having little control over what I was doing at any given moment.

Since I’m the only one who reported this issue so far I guess it’s just that the laptop I’m playing this on sucks, but I still think this problem could easily be solved by just… making the enemies stronger and spawning less of them, or spawning them in less frequent batches so that you have time to clear them out and then move towards the stage objective before the lag comes back.

Not being able to finish the game and all, I’ll try to be a little conservative with my feedback. Here goes:

  • At first I found the idea of all attacks being automatically and periodically used rather strange and uncomfortable, but over time I warmed up to it. That said, you could let the player choose one ability to use at will so that you have more control over what you’re doing other than just facing the enemies and waiting for a shot to come off to harm them, especially during the early game. Controlling too many abilities at once could quickly become overwhelming, so I think this would be a nice compromise overall.

  • Despite there being like a hundred of them past round 4 or so, the enemies were much more threatening to my computer than they were to my character so to speak. This sort of ties in with the lag problem I highlighted at the start of the post - making them stronger (and give more exp) and reducing their numbers would make the game much more interesting to play. As the slowdown piled up I just found myself walking through massive hordes while taking little to no damage in return, so what would even be the point?

Additionally, there isn’t really much variety in the abilities of enemies. By world 2 the only enemy I found that fired projectiles was the world’s boss, while all other enemies just walked to your position instead. I think doing something as simple as giving some of the enemies projectiles would present the player with more decision making as for their general strategy and in-battle tactics.

  • I think the Death ability might be broken. I managed to use it successfully on my very first attempt on playing the game, but it didn’t work ever again. Still, even if it did work, it wouldn’t be much use given how quickly enemies spawn to fill in the gaps left by the ones you just killed. Maybe have it be a stockable ability you can pop whenever things get dire, allowing you to accumulate nukes and use them at your leisure?

And now for what I found interesting about the game:

  • The choice in abilities you have at the moment is quite solid. They’re each pretty distinct from one another and both focusing on a single one or getting multiple as you go are valid decisions, and you can really feel the power building up as you climb through levels as a result. There’s a lot of potential here, even if you can’t develop it during the jam, but I’d be careful adding too many abilities as it would make it progressively more difficult to just level up the ones you like. Letting you choose between a limited number of abilities you get access to before starting a run would be a nice solution in my opinion.

  • Along with the variety of different abilities at your disposal, the multiple different goals for each level help keep the main gameplay loop from becoming stale. Optimizing for each of the different goals makes for an interesting added challenge, but I found the portal a bit annoying to hunt for at times. That could make for an interesting idea though - labyrinth-like levels where you need to find a path to the portal.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad experience at all, even if the lag prevented me from trying it out any further. Were an update to come out that solves this issue, I’d definitely give it another shot and try to experience all of the game’s content that time around.

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Because he looks funny

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my favorite of the jam! one request if its possible, after the jam do you think you can make a version of this game without the wg element? the core gameplay is fun enough that i want to give it to some of my normie friends to try without being judged lol


Yeah, you’re not the only one. My game just straight up crashes after room 3 no matter where I do my second run.

In regards to the Death Spell, I think it just works like all the other spells: It casts automatically when you first get it and then again when you first enter every room. Presumably it will cast again, it just has a very long cooldown.

It does cast again, just has a long cooldown that shortens a bit as you upgrade it. Like most of the spells, it starts out kind of ‘meh’ but gets more useful when you pump the upgrades.

Yeah, if there are any updates to this game I would like to be able to look up either in the hud or a menu screen how many upgrades to each spell I have collected so I have a better idea of which one to pick next.

I just try to focus on two spells per run, myself.

This is a very fun game and the art works very well also it is quick to pick up and easy to master but Man the this game fame rate go down when there is to many thing on the screen.

@uzi Is there a bonus weight gain sprite if you feed her enough after the 3 levels?
Will there be more weight gain sprites? In more updates?