Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy - Translations & Mods (Ver. 1.3.1, Original Ver. 5.0)

In the past they have released updates regardless of art being done, especially before the game had any cgs or sprites. I would assume school and work probably play the biggest factor in release schedule for them currently. Although, since I don’t know Japanese at all this is only an assumption on my part from some of the things, I’ve seen on their twitter that I have auto translated when checking out some posts.

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There’s also no reason to assume Sunny hasn’t finished the art yet, it’s not exactly a huge amount at this point. I think his goal was to get some art for the nun for this release.


He’s probably busy as well, doing free fetish games on your free time can be taxing after all :confused:


HI, so based on Sunny’s patreon and Fallboy’s twitter an update with a new lady is coming sometime this month, will it be translated and added to the game?

All translations have basically been machine translations that someone cleans up. Would recommend just downloading Translator ++ though someone may make a translation everyone can use.

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Considering this is a modded version to change the male MC female and translate the game into English, It’s not unfair to ask if this mod team will translate the next update. It would simply be a matter of time for them to update their version of the game to Fallboy’s next version

No, I properly went through for the 5.0 release and gave it a tidy + comprehensive TL. I’m willing to do the same for the obviously new content, but it’s gonna be a bear to pick out all the smaller additions and reconcile the existing text with the new.

Unsure if it’s more worth trying to give that a go myself with a “pure” translation release, or rounding up the crew again and creating a proper 6.0 with all the mod additions. I’d like to do the latter of course, but active project work and communication have mostly fallen silent since last major release.

We’ve got some cute CGs it’d be nice to have an excuse to insert into the game anyways that have been collecting dust in our folders for months.



Might as well post what we have for now, the game’s more than in a playable state as is.


is there anyway to change the dialogue?

Would love to see more weight gain scenarios with the MC honestly.


??? In what respect, exactly?

There are plans to diversify things a bit. We’re looking into adding tiny little extra events at the moment to tide us over until 6.0.


idk just to change it up i guess

just want to ask 2 things.
What exactly is added by the mod’s, and what is different from the base game?
In the original, is male the only option or is female an option too?

Check the change log it it tells you what has been added. The mod is a collection of the few mods that had been around, including a English translation, some added functionality and quality of life improvements, with some content not in the original game. The original version has a male MC with art and is in Japanese.

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Hi, i dont know if it fits here exactly, but i wanted to know how the modding team from Feeder Fantasy edited their sprites. Specifically the blob sprites, as they are a bigger challenge then the normal sprites.

Looks like the release has been delayed a little bit. I know he said that he’s got some major college work he’s getting done, so that is taking precedent right now

For those wondering, according to his twitter his college work has been taking up a lot of his time and the new update is indefinity delayed im sorry to say. Its up to the fans now to keep the content going until the guy has more time.


see my latest post if you can. 6.0 is indefinitely delayed due to the creator being backed up with college.

Is there a possibility that in a future update there will be more sized for the MC?

Is it possible to hide the text box during cgs? It’s annoying how it gets in the way often