Feral Dragon Grow [TwineGame] v0.1.1

Verses, I decided to write my first twine game.
It will be a game with many elements related to weight gain, base expansion and many fetishes.
My project is maybe a bit too ambitious but I will try to finish it because I think there is a lack of a game in which you can play a wild dragon and its human form (this mechanic will be, but not in the first version of the game).
One more information, am writing in polish language, and then i will be translating it to eng.

I have already written the vast majority of the game’s introduction and some of the basic mechanics. I want to share the results of my work with you, and I expect you to write me in the comments your opinions and suggestions (especially over text formatting).

Here is the download:
Feral Dragon Grow V0.1.1 ENG.zip (161.2 KB)

PS. For now, there is not much weight gain because this is just an introduction, forgive me.
Sorry fo bad eng.


I can’t wait i hope it comes out soon there isnt enough fat dragon content out there


Ty, your comment make my motivation raised up ;D

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Seems interesting, hope you have fun while working on it.

You can use this site for translation.

Thank you very much, i will look at it.

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If you want i’d gladly help with transation. I’m polish too but work with english daily.
Also very excited for the game :smiley:

(Nie widziałem jeszcze gry tego typu, bardzo chętnie zobaczyłbym jak wyjdzie w praniu :smiley: Jeżeli jeszcze mogę się zareklamować to normalnie pracuję jako tester gier więc pewnie mógłbym też z tym pomóc gdyby była taka potrzeba ;))

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Thank you for your willingness to help, but I think I will use DeepL for now. I didn’t think I would meet someone from Poland here. Nice to meet you :smiley: .

(Mam nadzieję że gra ci się spodoba. Co do jej testowania to myślę że wystarczy po prostu zgłosić tutaj jakiś bąd, a ja postaram się go jak najszybciej naprawić)

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First verision is out now!
Link: 578.3 KB file on MEGA (no longer works)


Hi there. I enjoyed your demo so far but I did want to make the suggestion that a native English speaker edits for you after translations. There’s a few issues here and there, like sometimes it says the wrong gender pronoun (I played a girl and meriel said “He”). Additionally there were some messy grammar here and there that made it somewhat hard to tell what was happening the first time I read it.
Ex: “I’m glad you enjoyed Sasha so much. Would you like me to cook it more often?” My dragon was Sasha, and for a second I was confused, it sounds like you cooked ME.
I was a bit disappointed in the “Spells” system. Maybe you plan on expanding it later for some “real magic” but so far, it feels a little weird for what is essentially just the standard physical description in every text-based game. Even weirder since we don’t have control over when it happens, so why even have a spell menu instead of just saying at the start of a day “I looked in the mirror”. As for the descriptions they seem fine, I was a bit disappointed that the dragon doesn’t seem to be very humanoid at least to start, I had expected SOME kind of curves in the female. Also, it’s not my cup of tea, but since you can choose a male dragon, you should likely add a “Male” tag to this game as well.
Overall, seems fun and hope to see more, and maybe the elf will gain some in the future? Perhaps an in-depth description of her next time?

Edit: Looking back in the log for this game, perhaps you should consider the offer of MatiFudokan. Either way, hopefully they translate my post if you have trouble reading it. I unfortunately can’t speak or write Polish.

Thank you for your comment. I will try to fix the language errors.
As for the spell system, you can’t decide too much when you use it because the whole game now is actually just an introduction (maybe a little too long) and a couple of my little experiments. I think I’ll develop the spell system at a later stage, although for now it’s not my priority.
Now that the player has gotten to his new home (cave) he will have more freedom in gameplay.
“I had expected SOME kind of curves in the female” if you mean the dragoness here it is because she will start to gain some weight (fat) only after the prologue.
For the “Male” tag i was to lazy.
I have not considered gaining the weight of an elf, although I will consider this option.

I have no problem with reading English, but a little with writing.

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I made a quick linguistic improvement. Hope it’s better now.
Download here: Feral Dragon Grow V0.1.1 ENG.zip (161.2 KB)


oh the reason the dragons aren’t humanoid is very simple it’s in the title “feral” this means the dragons in question are your standard dragons with no to minimal anthro features.


Great start im excited for more

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Tomorrow I’ll be away for the weekend and will be very busy resting, so I can provide you with a rather bumpy but functional version of the game, or I’ll only publish it once I’ve worked out the rest of the features.

I apologize for writing this so late.

  • Post it now!
  • I will wait.

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Edit: I forgot to add pool. ops …


keep up the great work

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I’am gad to hear that you liked my prologe :smiley:

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im still testing the game out do you if humanoid dragons? or you could make an update with humanoid dragons you could add knights and priest and mages that would be interesting if you out of idea ask me anytime im working on an project rn still takes time and focus

I have in plans to add kobolds and whole village with all kind of races.


its an great story it does take time tho