FEW -- Carol's Fetish Exploration Weekend

Hello there,

It’s been a while since a new IF (interactive fiction / text game) have been posted on this website, so I think now it’s the best time to show the results of my recent work. It’s a demo version (about a half of the game).

I’ll start with simple how-to-run-the-game so if you’re impatient you won’t need to go through the whole story behind this game.


You need two files:

  • the game v0.2.1 (compressed (198.7 KB) | uncompressed);
  • the TADS interpreter. If you don’t know what this is just download qTADS.
    If You have some problems with qTADS try out FrobTADS. It’s built on top of command line interface, so probably many Windows user will think about it as old fashioned.

To launch the game you simply needs to open it from within the qTADS you’ve just installed.


v0.2.1 (compressed (198.7 KB) | uncompressed) “a quick fix”
v0.2 (compressed (198.7 KB) | uncompressed) “descrption of yourself, scale, minimalistic help”
v0.1.2 (compressed (195.1 KB) | uncompressed) “fix most obvious mistakes mentioned in replies”
v0.1.1 (compressed (195.0 KB) | uncompressed) “spell checked”
v0.1 (compressed (195.1 KB) | uncompressed)


I’ve actually wanted to include some other futures in the first release. Anyway, I’ve run out of steam, so I’ve included a few most critical things and now I’m posting it. I hope to regain some motivation after seeing some responses to my work. :wink:


I’ve almost finished the first in game day – Saturday. The game is probably half done.

Stay tuned for Sunday.

I’m actually asked you about things you’d like to see in there, see later replies for more info (tip use browser to search for #hashtags)


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With all respect to other developers, I have a feeling that most of the games avaliable on here are writen fast and straightforward. What I wanted to write is a TRUE Interactive Fiction, giving you at last SOME degree of freedom. I aimed for multiple endings and different responses to as many things as possible. It needs some time, though. So I’ve started with a bit simpler game.

First of all, after I decided I want to create a fetish based text game I’ve tried Quest, which is the base for most of the games created for this website. However, it’s even more primitiv than intuitive. It took me a whole half an hour to hit a wall I couldn’t overcome because of poor documentation and lack of common features (ex. a decent text editor). And what’s even more important – it doesn’t work on Tails.

Then I’ve tried to do all the job myself in Python, however I didn’t have nearly enough time to create a stabile version.

And finally, actually quite recently, I’ve run across TADS. It’s a programmisg language (c like) for creating IF. It has all of the futures I need, most of which I’d like to have and dozens of which I haven’t dream of.

And this is my first project to explore it’s features. I have actually writen a documentation for more complex game, but it still needs to wait untill I’ll master TADS.

Have fun. And write something bellow if you’ve REALLY read the whole thing. :wink:


I read the whole thing! I’m going to download TADS now so I’ll message you with some feedback after I try this demo.

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It’s off to a great start, really! I’d definitely love to see what this turns out to become!

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One thing I’ve noticed is that you misspelled wardrobe. Since that word needs to be typed that’s probably worth fixing.

The text is weird for me, it starts to overlap and leave the screen so I can’t read the full thing, does anyone know why?

Wow, TADS. That’s something I haven’t seen in a while. Tried making something in it a while back. it’s a neat tool. I was always intrigued by how powerful it could potentially be if used right.

I’ll take a look at this, curious to see what you’ve done with it.

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I am having the same issue is as bronco61503. I am not sure why this is happening either.

I get wierd overlapping text in qTADS too. In Gargoyle I get VM Error: error reading file. However the HTML TADS Interpreter from the TADS site seems to work.

As @MrHippo points out the names for objects you interact with really need to be spelt correctly - “leggings” is another one to change. Thankfully TADS source can be opened in a regular text editor and spell checked there.

A bunch of things should probably be marked immoveable; I was able to take the fridge, TV, and chairs into my tiny bedroom!

For a WG game, look/examine me should probably do more than the default, and it would be nice to be able to use the scale.

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The only thing I’d say I’d prefer is the layout of quest

can you confront Emily about the bike pump?

can you go to bed after the soda drinking thing?

OK so I played through it and I LOVE it. I especially like the way you wrote the soda drinking parts. But are you planning to do anything with the bike pump :wink:

Follow-up to a couple of the posts, you need to have your spelling checked INCREDIBLY thoroughly when you make a text adventure.

And I’m not sure if this is an engine limitation, or just something you’ve not done, but bolding relevant words and items would go a long way toward letting the player know what can and can’t be acted upon. If you can, you should, but if you can’t, whatever.

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First I want to thank you all for your comments. Now I feel motivated to continue working on FEW. Thank you all.

Second I want to excuse me about deleting some comments, but the WeightGaming have suggested me to write a single comment answering to multiple posts and this is what I’m doing right now.

But before I get to that, I have to say that I’ve updated the game version to v0.1.1. I’ve run a spell check and added a information for self-description not being implemented. You can see it via (look at me, examine me, x me etc.)

Thank you for explaining the solution to overlaping text to @bronco61503 and @clinko_clinko.
The problem is independent of me. It’s something with qTADS. If it happens to you try installing FrobTADS which is text only, but works just fine (at last on Linux). The reason why I’ve recommended qTADS is because many people, especially Windows users, have troubles using the command line.

The misspellings you’ve pointed out are already corrected. I’ve updated my initial comment with a version v0.1.1 after running the spell check.

About look/examine me and the scale — these are one of the things I’ve didn’t have the motivation to write. It’s because those will depend on how full you are, what are you wearing and how tight your clothes are. It is a lot to write.

Yeah, I’ve actually forgotten to make a short tutorial for this demo, but if you type:

ask someone about something

you should get the result you’re expecting.

There are two more fetishes in the game implemented already and bike pump inflation is one of them. You have to find it on your own though. :wink:

Try examining multiple things in the game and you’re surely find some hints.

Yeah, this is why it’s called v0.1. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As I have said I’ve kind of lost my motivation because of how many things I have to do to make it perfect or good at very last. I’m posting it here just to see some interaction to get motivated on working further.

And I’m actually thinking about creating a separate post to find out as many adjectives and nouns people might use, because it’s not that easy to come out with all of them, especially if you’re not a native speaker :wink:

Asking about the pump doesn’t work properly, you still get the scene where Emily tells you to put it back, regardless of if you ask her first or not.

Nice, really interested in seeing what happens with this. One think I’d like to point out is that once the shower head has been removed from the shower, it doesn’t seem to be possible to do anything with it, nor the sink or bike pump.


I’ve fixed a few next mistakes. Most of them are trivial, so it didn’t took me much time. For the fixes download the just released v0.1.2.

Thats right. I didn’t check it after an extra tweak, now it should work again.


I’ve doublechecked it and shower works. I’ve gave you another small hint on how to do this. And the pump is now fixed. . There have been a different mistake in the shower, that is now fixed.
For these of you who want to know what the mistake was, try doing the shower thing in version < 0.1.2.

That pump is one nasty object. You can’t pump the pump. You can’t push the pump, or step on it (like a foot pump). you can’t inflate with the pump you can’t put the pump in your mouth, nor elsewhere on your body. You can’t put the hose on the pump. You can’t give the pump to Emily, etc.

((in case it’s not clear form the above, this game is running into the classic pitfall of text parse games - guess the verb command. The most specific the command is, the more frustrating it can be to guess))


Yeah, it’s right. But you have to know, that it’s not that easy to foresee all the things a player might want to type. It’s usually isn’t the thing you’d do in v0.1.2 :wink:

Anyway I want to keep things simple, so in the final version in this exact cases I probably would just give player a hint in object descriptions, like

…you probably could inflate yourself with that…
…you could drink from that…

The main goal of this game is for me to learn how to easily and effectively write this kind of games using TADS.

The unwritten rule (actually it is probably written, somewhere) is that if the narration says you can do something (like sip from the sink) then expect the player to treat it as a hint and to do exactly what the narration says: sip from sink. So if you use a verb as the narrator that verb has to be the one that applies to the object. It’s often easier to change the narration to match the verb the game is looking for than actually implement the new verb.