FEW -- Carol's Fetish Exploration Weekend




Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.


I don’t know if it’s the case but in my game I have written “you could take a sip from that” I’ve actually didn’t know, that one can say “sip from that”. It will be added in the next release.


Yeah, English grammar is a mess. “Sip” is mostly a verb, so I can sip my coffee. But I could also take a sip of my coffee (good luck trying to get a parser to sort out that: take is the verb, coffee is a noun, but what is “a sip” - it’s another noun implying a small amount). Oh yes, and for good measure it can become an adjective: the sippy cup you give to a toddler to drink from.


OK so I was just thinking when you take the bike pump (Without asking) You can type in a command to Emily that says “Show Emily Bike Pump” and all that does is make the game say “there’s no bike pump here” Can you create a dialog that starts when you put in that command also can you make an Inventory you can look at? Because that would make it very convenient


Wait why isn’t my text blurred?


forgot your / in your closing tag. Should be:

[spoiler]Text to hide[/spoiler]



I’m not really sure what are you asking about, but:

If you take the bike pump with you (without asking), then Emily will order you to put it back, and your character will do this implicitly. It’s supposed to work this way.

Inventory is working, so I don’t really know what do you mean by that.


i still cant figure out where the pump is



You should try looking around.
For example there are things you can

look at
look under
look behind
look inside

In the v0.2 there will be a short tutorial available, so it will be easer to get started for people, who did not play any text adventures before (Quest games aren’t “real text games” since you have all of the available commands on the panel, so you don’t have to type anything).



Hey there!

A new v0.2 is now released. It contains some most commonly asked futures, like

look at myself or
step on scale

I’ve also filled the empty corridor a little.

In addition I have created a simplistic help, it can be invoked with “help” commad.

However, there are probably a lot of new introducted bugs, so please message me, or explain them on this topic, if you find any.

In addition, I have changed the server I upload the uncompressed game files, because I cannot connect to the old one. I don’t know if it’s temporary, premanent, or they just have blocked Tor. If you know something about it, I’d love to hear.


whelp, when you look at yourself in the mirror, the body description is fine, but the belly/shirt description kinda shows all of them at once.



I’ve just forgotten to put an “else” “else-if”. It’s fixed already (I hope so). Download v0.2.1


“inflate with pump” and “pump up with pump” return “[Runtime error: invalid index operation - this type of value cannot be indexed



You need to insert “myself” into the command for it to work.

Speaking of “myself”, n_dimensions, most text-based games I’ve played allow “self” as a substitution for “myself”, so that’d be a nice feature to have in a future update. Shorthand is always handy when you have to do a lot of typing to go places and do things.


Is it just me, or is there no food to make her eat in this game?


yeah I’m sure he’ll add more later


Can’t wait to see more, wish there was more of a description for objects you can interact with in each room though. Takes some trial and error to probe for interactions.




this post is going to be a bit longer, because I’d like to see some ideas of what you guys would want to see in this game. If you’re here just to see my answer to your reply, skip to the bottom of this post.

To give you some intuition, how you should state your idea, I’ll first try to explain a little bit about my experiences with writing this game and IF in general.

As you might know from my previous posts, it’s my first real IF. I’m writing it mainly to learn creating them in practice, so I’m going to change a little bit how future events in the game will work like.

As for now, the game tries to be “truly sandbox” which means that I try to provide you accurate answers to anything you do in the game world, in any order. It’s hard to manage though. This is why most of the games create longer portions of text mostly for some important things (like story events or Easter eggs), while rely on simple automatic answers for others.

In spite of that, Sunday in the game is going to be “event driven”. Otherwise, I’d get caught in endless possibilities, never being able to finish the game.

So the second day of weekend will be something that tests whether a given event took place on Saturday (like eating, drinking something, or meeting someone is some state), unlocking (or forcing) a given event on Sunday. I’m going to add a few extra things (like fetish related topics to talk about with Emily) to create more possible factors which would help to create more events.

I want to ask you what kinds of events you’d like too see. I have a few ideas already, but I thought it be fun to hear yours, before I begin to sketch them in any more details.

To make it separated from the other posts, I’d like you to start your post like that:


your post

I’d actually like to order most of the comments in this topic (see the edited initial post for details).

It would also make things easier if you’d read other ideas before commenting. If reply gets more likes, I’ll put it higher on my priority list.

Finally, I want to share with you how I’m going to post new versions from now on.
Because of how the game design changes, updates will look a little bit different. Namely, new futures added will be WHOLE events, that you could find out on Sunday. I’m going to implement 2-3 new events in between versions, so it would, hopefully, not get boring (it would be no fun playing IF, if you had only one event to explore).

That’s all I have to say, so stay tuned for updates.



inflate myself with pump

I’m sorry, that it happened to you. I’m well aware of this error, but I haven’t fixed it yet.[/spoiler]

It’s actually library dependent, but I’ll look for some solution. For now you can use “me” as a substitution for myself. I haven’t tested if it works in all cases, but I’m pretty sure that it should.

It’s you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Search for food in kitchen. And read descriptions, because to make game more natural sounding, I’ve turned of listings for things you can find out from description. For example

go to kitchen


It’s your old, small kitchen. You’ve bought a microwave recently, so it’s much easer to prepare a fast meal now.

You see a microwave there.

would not sound very natural, right?

This is what the IF is all about. If everything you need would be listed in automatic descriptions, to make it more apparent, than I would not need to write any fancy descriptions at all. It’s more fun this way, I think. If there is something in the room description, it’s most certainly in the game (if it isn’t, it’s a mistake and you should report it).

If you want an example than try typing

look at door

And designing more interactions takes a lot of time, though there probablyl will be more by later version.


You step on scale. It displays “63.2” kg.

Max as far as I can tell.



I actually don’t know if it’s the max. I’m actually curious how did you get this result :wink: . It maight be helpful in designing events for Sunday.


Water first, then food. No soda. Probably a bug.