FEW -- Carol's Fetish Exploration Weekend



it’s Emily’s cheating day so she and you go out to eat (you have a choice as to where ex. McDonald’s or a fancy restaurant) if you go to McDonald’s she will pay and pig out and encourage you to pig out and if you go to the fancy restaurant you have to pay and encourage her to pig out(because it’s more expensive) and you can pick what to say to encourage her either way and afterwards if you encouraged her to eat a lot you’ll try to do that more often and in doing so make her gain weight and if she encourages you then you stuff yourself more often and gain weight


The only thing I can find in the kitchen is a bottle of soda and a soft drink (outside of the UK/EU, I’m pretty sure those are the same thing, but I seem to recall UK English using ‘soft drink’ for juices and such as well, basically anything non-alcoholic, while at least in the US and Canada, ‘soft drink’ is a synonym for ‘pop’/‘soda’). And when I type in the exact phrase “search for food in kitchen” or just “search for food”, I get “What do you want to look that up in?” (and in the latter case, if I type “kitchen” at that point, I get “The word “kitchen” is not necessary in this story.”)



This is actually the whole point of IF, to DO THINGS ON YOUR OWN, not to just type a simple phrase as

eat everithing in sight in order to be able to get the best result

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . However, I’ve read the description of the kitchen and I have to admit that it really is a little bit short in comparision to what there is. I’ll describe it better in next version. For now just think that if you can cook something in kitchen, there usually should be a cooker in the kitchen.

The phrase “search for sth in sth” have a different meaning in TADS, than you expected. It’s used for example to look up a definition in a dictionary.


Needlessly rude/snarky, since literally my whole post was about the same issue, and you’re treating it like I said “I typed what you wrote, and didn’t try anything else, and it’s not working, fix it”.


Is there any way to go outside to the Hotdog Stand yet?


I figured it out. Or at least a part of it There is food in the Oven


I’ve been quite bussy the last days, and I didn’t have time to log in, but I’m still working on the game.

I’m really sorry, if I sounded like that, since this is actually my fault – there ARE too little descriptions in the kitchen. It’s already changed and will be released in the next verson.

No, there isn’t.

@eman006 @omegaseph

There is a cooker in the kitchen, with dinner on it, and a built oven containing cake.


Is this still being worked on? It looks really promising and I’d hate to see it disappear.


Yeah I was confused hopefully he’s working on a big big update


Hi there.
Since I didn’t post an update in a while, I decided to explain a little bit:

First of all I did not aband the project. I’m just ridiculusly busy with my studies.
Therefore, the next update still needs to wait a while, probably to Christmas break or even winter break.
Anyway, I promise, that the next update will be something big.

So stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


Thanks for replying, looking forward to the update whenever it is.