Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") "January" update now available on Patreon.

I mean like I’m pretty sure I saw stage 7 shower scenes in the files but can’t see them in game cause it goes back to stage 6 after the weight up event

Stage seven only has the introduction to the weight stage in the game and that’s where the content ends. There are some files like the Livingroom day events that are in the game files for stage seven, but they aren’t actually implemented in the game, since stage seven doesn’t go beyond the intro event. This is the same with the shower folder for stage seven. There are some files that are also “mislabeled” for their stages to my knowledge. There are of course still bugged events or things that don’t trigger correctly/can be missed due to them not triggering correctly. However, this is different with the stage seven stuff.

Ok, I’m 110% sure there’s some sort of bug in the feeder/feedee code. I’ve done two different save files specifically picking the least gluttonous and “feedee” choices, and the choice to start losing weight around stage 3 has NEVER come up. I know it’s an option, because I’ve gotten it in a previous build, something with the “self-control” stat in the new build is busted. So if you want to do the feeder route, you’re going to have to hope it gets patched back in to work later.
I wish there were some dev saves.
Funnily enough, I managed to get to the feeder route by cracking open the code, and more or less hot-wiring the routes. Turns out there are two “Self-control” stats, and one of them is only affected by your post-dream choices.

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Did you unlock the restaurant by stage 3? You need it to meet Yui.

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I did, but I only unlocked it in my designated “feedee” save. So my only option ended being to make Erika fat along with Akane, or let her continue being the feeder.

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I did a post to unlock the weight loss route earlier. I haven’t had any issues this patch. It doesn’t mean there aren’t problems but I didn’t have issues unlocking it. If you are trying to lose weight with not being gluttonous from the start you aren’t going to unlock the restaurant and therefore not going to meet Yui for cupcakes to give to Erika. You need to start out being gluttonous to unlock the restaurant and then you can stop. The restaurant can be unlocked at stage 1 or the starting stage.

Check out my full post if you need specifics and let me know if you have issues still.

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I really can’t be bothered to start a third run at the moment. But I’ll try it sometime tomorrow.

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Just a general comment, it sounds like a lot of us have trouble knowing what’s possible and how to make it happen in this game. I like it anyway, but it is a little frustrating having to check the thread for A) Can I make this character gain/not if these others are gaining? B) How?

Particularly how getting the MC to diet requires gaining up to some point, and getting Erika to gain requires unlocking a restaurant, which first-time players don’t know exists, and wouldn’t suspect is connected to her character that way.

I’m not sure what I would suggest for the game to do instead, just food for thought.

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Yeah, again I’ve seen files for slim Chika in the new home but I still have NO IDEA how someone can achieve that

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The only way I have found for slim! Chika is to ask the Kitsune for it in the epilog section.


To get the option for akane to lose weight you have to avoid events that show the text “You have lost some self control.” It is a variable that is effected by a lot of actions and if you hit to low in that variable the option to go on feeder akane route does not show. (Important to note that you technically do not ‘need’ the restaurant unlocked…but it’s much easier to get on the route if you do. To do it without the restaurant you need to get the random even where Erika feeds you and select the option “I am taking you with me” 10ish times or something, which is hard/annoying)

Here is a list of all the things that drop self control:
Answering any positive answer to Akane’s dreams is a massive drop.
Staying home for gym scenes are a massive drop.
The restaurant is a massive drop.
Rin’s gain route has several drops throughout
Going to the gym at all in phase three is a drop, highly recommend that you only go once every 4 or so days to get the cupcake scene if you are doing feeder route.
Getting laid while clubbing is a drop, I believe.
A bunch of the waiting scenes that play while waiting at home are drops.

If you want to speed run stages without the drops to self control then you need to go to school and eat your own food. (doing this all three time is like 4 points towards weight) Do not try the other girls food because that is a drop.
I do not remember how many of the shrine scenes are drops, I just know that not all of them are.

At the end of all of this it is important to note the game does warn you at the very beginning that if you go with the most gluttonous options you get locked out of certain routes. It’s a vague warning, not helped by the prompt not being consistent.

Side note that, at least at the start don’t remember if I checked the stage 3 scenes, you do gain self control and can lose a bit of weight if you go running or to the gym and then abstain from weight gain activity for the rest of the day. The is more prominent in stage one but does carry to stage two. Stage three doesn’t work for the gym scenes but running may still do something, if you don’t run into hotdogs randomly.

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So I like going through the image files and I noticed something for Chika’s room but I can never trigger anything in her room, how do you trigger that apparent event.


Same, honestly I’ve tried visiting her all day and nothing happens, same goes for the other girls, almost always out of their room

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I have them in their rooms, I often get what I see in the image files to happen as well, Just Chika I don’t get anything. If I was a betting man I’d bet this is probably a resource to pull on later and the event in question is unfinished. Erica’s house is very buggy so that is what I think is happening, a combination of unfinished event and bugs.


The entire “ending” section is completely borked. There’s a lot of images that aren’t made for it or are wrong for the gain levels of the different characters. It’s basically just unfinished, I’m fairly certain they ran out of time and just wanted to release the update.


In regards to Erika’s house there seems to be a couple issues that I can only speculate on as I haven’t dug into the code (I have looked at the files though). 1. A lot of transitional events that probably shouldn’t take time, do take time. This is my take base on the fact that there are a bunch of similar scenes in earlier stages that don’t take time there. 2. The hallway scenes are probably supposed to be random, but seem to be based on date and time right now. They also seem to only be during evening or night right now and Chika’s scenes are just borked. 3. Certain scenes seem to just not trigger because they are being overwritten by others. There is supposed to be a scene with feeder Erika and feedee Nene but it seems to never trigger because the scene with Akane, Chika, and Erika seems to always come up instead.

Most importantly skipping seems to break things more. Certain bugs like full error codes and scenes with Nene or Erika at different weight levels than what they are supposed to be. I don’t get these bugs while not skipping, so I just wanted to give a heads up.

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Noticed it to, but It happened to me rather randomly which means I may have flagged it by going the all gain route.

Eh, makes me hungry for the next update… Haha… Ill leave now


I can’t remember and I’ve had a skim through the forum but couldn’t find if you can actually lose weight by going for a run. Can anyone please remind me?

No. Running doesn’t affect anything. If you’re on the weight loss route working out is the only thing. Running doesn’t change anything for any path it’s just a way to access the scenes that happen at the park.