Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") "January" update now available on Patreon.

We need more Tsumugi

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I replayed this game and it took me far to long to realize that to progress the story was to go to the gym and work out… after I played the demo when it was first coming out I didn’t think to go to the gym to progress the story of a weight gain game… boy do I feel dumb

For the weight loss path yeah. You do need to hit the gym for a couple stages to progress but the rest of the game and other pathway or routes are based pushing Akane’s weight up with the various places and events that Akane consumes calories/food.

I think they’re also referring to other events that rely on the gym, particularly the Erika rebound route since completing it before hitting the threshold for the next weight level more or less depends on visiting the gym to give her cupcakes (yes, It’s not impossible to do via other means, but you risk gaining too quickly).


Has anyone been able to get the 4.0 version of the game to work on Joiplay/Android? Cheers

yep, today btw… you just need to download the renpy plugin for joyplay and that’s it

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I’m putting this here since I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but the dev bobo told us back in February that they are gonna be busy until April when their new job starts with more pay less hours leaving them more time for everything else they do such as the newborn that needs care.


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I really can’t wait to see akane immobile, but at the same time I understand why bobo is taking his time…


Admittedly, I have zero interest in immobility.


chale… there’s no accounting for taste i really want to see akane trying to get up from bed and then realising that she becamen completely immobile, sweating, moaning… and erika be mean to her

I do but I’d rather see it with the other girls when the Akane feeder route that is totally happening gets updated (excuse the copium.)


well feeder and feedee rute will happen actually… but tbh i’m more excited to see immobile akane

Likewise, although i’m very interested in seeing the varients of the route itself.

from seeing the interactions of a house full of Feedees to Akane and Nene becoming the immobile blobs of the household and of course to see any events planning ahead for the inevitable day when it happens

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