Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") "January" update now available on Patreon.

Yes that is still the latest version.

If development follows past patterns it’ll likely be a number of months before we hear anything about the next version.

That said, idk how much more story there is to even tell here beyond fleshing out the weight loss portion. So the next update could just be the last one.

yeah… but fortunately every upload has a lot of content

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thanks mate. I was sat in game for like 30 minutes seeing if something would happen lol

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Is there a guid that visualy shows you what the impact is of the choices, like in chunky cheerleader?

Only files, you can check them yourself

So far I’ve been having fun with this game and it’s story. I’m just waiting till 4.0 is publicly release, but right now, it feels like everything flows right.

yeah same, but who knows when the release will happen. Hopefully soon but we’ll have to wait and see


Indeed. At least we can play the game over to find new routes at least.