First time active

I just created this account after following various games on the site for little over a year now. I like all kinds of big girls; weight gain, stuffing, inflation (all types), and body parts inflation. The only thing i cannot stand is bursting, the really gory ones. I also paint models and study history. I will always like a good game, but sadly couldn’t find many inflation or weight games till i found this site.

I am always willing to give feed back to anyone, though i can only give cosmetic and possible game functionality. I am not skilled with the behind details though of any game engine.

If anyone is interested, i do have an account on deviant art. Though, i do not have much art, i don’t have much talent beyond physic objects.


welcome ^ -^
I hope you enjoy your time here as an official member

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Welcome to the site! Glad to have you here, and even if you don’t consider yourself skilled in the more technical aspects of game design, I’m positive almost any feedback you provide would be welcome! It doesn’t take a lot of in-depth knowledge to judge projects, and I imagine that input would be appreciated by many, whether you’re some coding expert or just enjoy playing and testing games. :smile:

Also I say feel free to link your deviant art profile if you like! I’m always interested in seeing how people express their creativity. :+1:

Welcome! We hope you continue to enjoy this site and I am sure your feed back will be very helpful to many of our developers here on this site.

can do. Also, i didn’t know if i was the only one that had notice the small mistake on one of the submissions. Its good it was caught before tomorrow.