First Twine Project - LifeBook (updated 2/22/22)

Hey everyone, like the title says this is my first attempt at a game of any sort. Two weeks ago I got sick and while at home I was bored and downloaded twine and messed around with it.

I came up with a not so unique idea about a guy who hadn’t turned out like he planned and was given access to a unique website that let him live out past relationships and potentially alter his future for the better.

There is only one relationship to explore at this time and I’ve (hopefully) hidden routes not accessible. Meaning the links you click lead to something with the exception of the final passages that direct you to the restart page.

I do hope to continue the project and have a rough idea about how to go about it starting with finishing the 2nd starting branch for the first character. After that I’d begin working on the 2nd and 3rd.

Kinks included:
Weight gain
Fitness (?)
Light Dom/sub

Possible additions:
More weight gain
Alcohol use
Light slob

Never gonna happen no matter what:
Bodily waste (scat, piss, vomit)

Aside from the changes made above to correct myself I’ve added a new link to this project of mine. Here is what’s included in the update and some basic information for potential future updates. As always, feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

Rachel’s fitness route is only open one at the moment.


  • Should have fixed issue with restarting and weight/mood not resetting
  • 10 new passages for Rachel that follow her story if you say no to the gym on day 1
  • Secret(ish) ending option for one path which would make it 12 new passages.

Future Updates:

  • Rachel’s alternative start route
    • Only a few left to add but uploaded now because of the number of passages.
  • Hannah’s storylines
  • Laura’s storylines
  • Achievements? I dunno though… some people enjoy them but it would mean I need to learn more.

I’m getting an error that says “No valid storage adapters found” when trying to run in browser. Maybe allowing a download might help?

Yea, I had that issue but realized cookies were disabled. I do plan on adding a direct download.

Just got through a few of the smaller paths. The restart button works but the rest of the system doesn’t account for restarts so when you choose a name a second time it causes errors in the left side.

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Voting is illegal, democracy is banned.


Haha well that too I guess

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll make a note to fix it.

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Seems like a cute Twine project so far. Can’t wait to see more endings, especially with your character ending up with a feeder girl. Keep up the great work!

This was a rather small but enjoyable game. Too bad it ends just as it starts to get interesting and fun. I do see potential!

I do think there is a bug where you try and recreate the variables for the UI when you restart the game. Since it says mood and such are getting an error.

Someone pointed that out and I realized I had a line missing. It should be fixed in the next update but I probably won’t push it out until I finish the next branch.

The next branch will probably be about 8-10 passages and finish off the first girls story.

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Never gonna happen no matter what: Bodily fluids (other than sweat)

Does this mean no sex scenes?

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So far so good. A lot of interesting variety from your choices and very well written.

That’s a fair question. There will be mention of sex and some descriptions but I’m unlikely to get graphic with descriptions of it. My main focus will be on the ripple effect of the decisions.

To be honest this whole thing started out of boredom and wanting to try my hand at writing again. When I started the only thing I had in mind was the concept of going back and reliving a relationship. Everything past that has been done on the fly.


I’m not sure what the rules are but I figured creating a new post for an update is a no-no. I edited the original posting with an added link and what changes were made.

If you like it and have suggestions let me know. If you hate it and have criticism tell someone else… just kidding, you can tell me that too.

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You did it the right way. I can’t remember the details on when (it might be an account age/trust level thing), but you should also eventually be able to update the title to say there’s a new version/when it came out.

Not to discredit any of the new content, but am I the only one with issues scrolling the pages? I can’t seem to scroll the text up or down at all.


Sorry about that. I didn’t check it it worked on mobile (I assume that’s what you’re on). I did go back to the upload and redo the mobile part and got it to scroll on my phone. Hopefully that did the trick for you.

The PC version cannot scroll the endings that got too much text. But also great job redoing the story and adding more.

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I clicked a few settings and tested it on my laptop and got it to scroll now. Hope that fixed it for others too.

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Just gave it a shot, and it still doesn’t scroll, not sure why. I’m on PC, btw.