First weight gain game you've played

The first weight gain game I played was noone’s fatty text adventure. And probably the weight gain


Same. And a long time ago, I was reading Zee the Inflator stories if you know those. They got me interested enough to look for more content like it, which is how I came across that game.

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Mine was those interactive flash weight gain things.


The first game I played Unnamed Stuffing RPG, it’s still one of my favorites.


Mine was a very old web game in early 2000’s (perhaps flash, but sadly I believe it is gone forever now) where you play as this guy and you have do random activities. The activities however will change how the guy looks if you do a certain collection of them (doing exercises or body movements will lead him to get lean then very muscular, while enjoying certain entertainment will cause him to gain weight). If you go too far in one direction, he will either explode (muscle) or fly away like a helium balloon (fat).
I chose the fat option each time since the muscle one usually had him turn red and made him angry looking while the fat had him green and looking happy.


That sounds like an interesting game I’d wish to see screenshots if that’d be possible but if you don’t have any I’ll just leave it to my imagination

Hard to say, as it’s been a long time. I want to say “The Lardener.” I got really good at getting him to his max fatness without going over.

Well there really isn’t much, just a black screen with a white outline of a guy with minor spiked hair. His skin changes depending the path you take him, but this is about it. Though I think a few of the actions are parodies on some stuff (like one where he sits in a big lounge chair and blasts his stereo so loud that it pushes his glass off a coffee table).
I do know a game called “Dude, Where’s my Retainer!?” that was among the selection of games it was next to, but I can’t find that game anywhere either.

I thought I wouldn’t enjoy wg games, since I don’t enjoy normal eroges/erotic videogames, but when I played Super Fatty RPG I kinda became addicted to them.
Funnily enough, I didn’t liked RPGs before like – at all. I always found them boring, but the past three months I have played more rpgs (from this forum, of course) than I ever had in my life lmao

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My first.

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Hungry elves, growth academy or worshippers of the gain
This hound can’t remember which came first only that they were

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A flash game on deviant Art, I don’t remember the name.

Earliest I can remember was Dracoredscale’s Blubber Dragon.

Hmm… earliest memories I can dredge up are of SketchVg’s two games “Feed Deana” and “Air Escape”. Also Badgerben, back when he was known as simply Yiffer way back when, had some decent flash inflation games, notable for their pin-up quality.

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Mine would have to be the untitled, and never quite finished, weight gain game that I wrote in Amiga Basic, long before the days of the internet. Yes, I’m old :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it was either some game where you feed a dragon because he’s staying with your tribe, or Forest and Shack. Both from here but I can’t remember the first one.

Well it’s always great to learn new things but I’m quite interested do you have any pictures or memories of what the game was about?

I really like forest and shack it’s too bad there’s no save option and you’re limited to a few minutes of playtime before you have to reset the game again

There weren’t any pictures. It was text only :stuck_out_tongue:

And it really was a long time ago, so my memory is a bit hazy as to the content, but it was a dating type game.

Well it’s still something you know I know I’d be upset if I didn’t complete a project but this project of yours might as well be uncompleted or made for something else