Fishboi VTubes Pokemon Flora Sky Saturday January 22nd at 12:00PM EST!!

UPDATE: The Flora Sky saga continues this Saturday, January 22nd at Noon EST! I hope to see you there for Part 5! Pokemon Flora Sky - Trapped Inside a Hippo(wdon Temple)!! (PART 5) - YouTube

Original Post Below:

Hi all! This is a short-notice announcement about a stream I’m doing in an hour’s time. Lamel from Axugaems 1&2 is VTubing again and starting a blind playthrough of a Pokemon rom hack, Flora Sky!

The stream will be SFW but if you know me and/or Axugaem, you can expect the usual tame fetish references and such. Full disclosure: I’m beyond excited to try this game out, so I hope you’ll drop by and chill for a while!

Check out Axugaem2 here if you haven’t yet: Axugaem2: Official Post (Ver: 0.6.1)
The next update for the game will be here within a month’s time, and it will introduce a whole lot of bonus fetish content along with a couple major story events, so get hype!

Edit: Oh, yeah, and the SomeBS streams will be starting up again soon as well, of course~

That’s all for now! See you on the beach!


hey, what is it about?

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Flora Sky’s a rom hack of Emerald that I’d summarize storywise as a mix between gens 3 and 4. It’s set in Hoenn (Sort of? The map’s completely different) but is very Gen 4 centric and ties in a lot of elements of the Giratina movie (so I’ve been told; haven’t seen the movie.) It also has some gen 5 mons added in too!

The stream is just my character Lamel playing through the game, basically. The only context you really need there is that he’s an old vore character who I decided to dig up for fun when I started VTubing since I thought he’d fit my on-stream mannerisms pretty well. He’s a minor character in Axugaem1 and 2 but I try not to base too much of the stream content on all that and just let it be about him playing games and talking to chat.

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Four months later and we’re back at it! Fat Lamel’s Flora Sky playthrough continues this Saturday, January 22nd at 12:00PM EST / 9:00AM PST / 5:00PM GMT! I’ve been dying to get back to this since we left off, so I hope you’ll drop in and join in the fun!