Five nights at fatties 2 is out

well the sequel to five night at fatties is out now. meaning to get scared by the things we liked. Do note this game is created by team poppu and dr blackjack, i had no part or say in this. i’m mealy want to spread word about there game being out now. here is the link to the game and again i own nothing this game is own and made by team poppu and blackjack so support them at there patreon and Side note if you need to you can use this topic has a way to help each other on how to get pass some nights, how to do the interviews, find a secret that you can’t find and tips on the minigames.

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Gonna be honest, I have no clue how to do the interviews.

The first one says to click where the sound is most intense, but I spent two minutes trying to hear anything besides the ambient sound and there was nothing. Anywhere I click is instant death.

The second one says to observe the character’s change, and apparently I’m supposed to click one of the color knobs. There’s nothing to suggest which is the correct choice, and she just kills me immediately anyway.

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the first one you got it click were it vibrates the most intense. and the second one it does tell witch is the right one the three dails corlate to boobs, belly and butt in that order from top to bottom. when the tv flash observed and show paranoi with a attribute changes like having a huge butt then it will flash back to skinny paranoi you got to pick the dial that coralate to the part that was altered


I have been getting frustrated with paranoia in this game since now it’s much harder to keep track of her without having the rewind option to keep her from moving and she keeps coming up when I least expect her to. Or rather, the one that keeps jumping out at you (I think her name is paranoia, but I’m not too sure since there are more members of the cast)

jumping? she comes out of the computer she the pop ups adds i think your confusing her with someone else can you describe what they look like

I know that there are 3 characters on the first night, Suki, Milk, and one more, it’s the third one that I am having problems keeping an eye on and dealing with.

the demon girl that looks like she belongs in helltaker, once every hour she leaves her room and hides in two places the two are c.gs2 and c.foy. in foy in the place with teh two banners you can see her shape in the space between the banners in the middle. and Gs2 its a big red and black blob on floor near the right corner

And how do I get her to go back? Just click on her? Or do I have to wait for her to come after me first?

just click on her don’t wait being if you wait to long she kills you

Thanks for the help, is there anyone else I need to know about the new characters in the cast? Also for clarification to be sure, the demon girl is the one that kind of just waits at the front of the cameras after a while, is that the one that you are talking about? Or is that Milk?

the streamer is the new paranoa keep her happy by using the heart botton in the top corner, the waitress comes in the left if i remember so ether close the door or if your in the hall and she pass the door click teh tray to knock it out. the kip character if you hear wing flapping hurry to the button asap. and the therepist if she makes it to your room she doesn’t out right attack so you can ignore her a little bit but if it getting blured out in white look at her and shine the flash light her face hold it don\t flicker it.

And just to be certain, the creepy girl in that gets in front of the cameras, that’s the one you mentioned in night 1 correct? Because I know how to deal with both milk and suki but that girl is where I struggle with.

the demon girl that look like helltaker character is what i was talking about hiding in spots. she doesn’t gets in front of teh cameras

Then who is the one that gets in front of the cameras? That’s milk right? Or is that someone different that I don’t know of.

descirbe then just saying this character in front of teh cameras isn’t really helping give me somthing to go off on like what hair color do they have what do they do when they get you and so on.

I don’t really know how to describe the character, but she is creepy and I know what both Milk and Suki look like when in front the cameras. Wasn’t there three characters that are active in night 1? I also believe SquirrelgirlDT had it featured in the playthrough during the beta.

being creepy does not help every character in that came i can see can be easily described i can’t help if i don’t who are you talking about if your talking about the helltaker looking one then again she doesn’t go infront of the camera and i all ready help you on that

SquirrelgirlDT had encountered it during the beta, I know there’s three characters that are active on night 1, unless I am mistaken.

are you talking about the jumpscare thing that isn’t a character that just somthing that scares you