Five nights at fatties 2 is out

Does anyone know all the patterns for each character? I know milkamean goes SP,Ex4-5-6-7 then attack, The inflation lady goes from SP- balloon area -? , The therapist is unknown to me. The helltaker character can be found in the lobby area and Gs2 , but the others I do not know and need help

anyone whos played this, can they tell me how bad the jumpscares are? on a scale from “not at all scary” to “kind of scary but even a child could handle it” to “it’ll give you nightmares”, how bad will it scare me?


Well, playing it for the first time, some of the jumpscares really got me off guard so I would say a “kind of scary but even child could handle it”, except for the last night, it really was scary for me lol

I’d say the problem is that horror like other things is subjective. What might scare you could possibly not scare me. I would recommend maybe check out a let’s play and see if it’s something you might be able to handle or even just see the game all the way through that way. If it seems okay you can always play through it yourself.

I know @SquirrelGirlDGT has a few parts up on their YouTube FIVE NIGHTS WITH FATTIES: A SECOND COURSE - Night One - YouTube


im experiencing the smame issue!

define “vibration” please
im sturggling to find it

Hint; the first one’s not on her belly. Or anywhere you’d expect really, try further up than seems sane.

It’ll be obvious when you see it.

I have a question:

I really dont have enough reflex and guts to get past night four, is there a way to unlock all the game content? because i really want to try the Custom Night and play the minigame of the night five.

PD: i´ve been trying to get through the four shift for five days now

you nd me both i don’t even know the pattern for night 3

does anyone know where the demon girl is supposed to appear? or could she appear literally anywhere
because i have no idea where she goes when she disapears

she always comes from the left, if you hear the flapping of the wings immediately close the door on the left

cmiiw ‘-’)

can some give me a unlocked save? without completing the interviews

same here, im more interested in play the custom night mode

any idea where the save file is? got through all the nights, minigames and interviews already (haven’t done all 20 yet. fuck thorn. more like thorn in my side GOD DAMN)

I’d be happy to upload the file to help a brother out.

when you try to delete the save file from the settings menu it says that the game save is in:

appdata / locallow / poppu

in windows 10 the route is:

user / (username) / appdata / locallow / poppu

pls send save file pls