Force Feeding

Been a while since I’ve done any actual posting on the site. For those wondering, my game is still being worked on. Just haven’t done much with it in a while. Blame video games lol

But recent talks have got me wondering. What game’s here have good force feeding scene’s? Forced inflation is good to, though I’m a fan of heavier stuff more so then lighter stuff like air.

I’ve played a few games before, and were admittly disappointed at the lack of force feeding scene’s of any kind. Or if they’re put in, the lack of detail or content put to it.

I was just curious how much content on here actually has good force feeding content. And I say “good” as in, you actually get to see it. This of course mean’s no text adventure games, or visual novels(I’m not dissing those types. People work just as hard on them as any other game, and they turn out quite well. They’re just not my style of game, personally)


Almost all the bad endings of The unnamed stuffing rpg are force feeding. I’m pretty sure Lanna’s Adventures has some good scenes too, even though I haven’t played it much.


Haha, well, I know both those games do(especially considering I’m the devoloper of one of them). I guess I should have clarified, and mean games aside from those.

Well in Elfas Hambrietas to defeat most of the bosses (i believe there are two exceptions) you must force feed them until they are too full/too fat to fight back.

Oh? That one’s new to me. Is there a link for it on this site?


Without spoiling anything, Gaining Perspective has a very well done force feeding scene at the end if you’re into extreme weight gain. It triggers when you’re around 3000 pounds I believe.
Though, word of advice, if you’re not a fan of bursting then you won’t survive unless you befriend the girl scout when you’re at 1000 pounds.


really need to workout now lol…

My game (the weighting game) is in a very early stage of development but it’ll definitely feature feeding at some point and probably force feeding too.