Found another Japanese game on Pixiv

Translated below through the use of google translate

Alice’s Obesity Diary Obesity RPG Modoki

I made the first obese RPG in my life. Please play by all means.
Please send your opinions, requests, bugs, etc. to marshmallows.
postscript: Due to a question that the file could not be downloaded or the file could not be opened, the game was lightened and re-uploaded. I’m sorry many times … If you have any bugs, please report them on Twitter, comments or marshmallows …

Haven’t tried it yet, haven’t been in the mood to play lately, but figured I’d share this info I found in my lazy browsings.


The actual link that will work off of Pixiv


Link appears not to work: Access Denied.

Author say, he is working 0.2ver, so he close 0.1ver download link.
old 0.2ver download link is easy fail to download, please use new one.


i can open the link…

Is it English language supported, or just in Japanese?

sorry, but it only in Japanese.

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again expired unfortunately

I get new and faster link:


this link so better for download?

yes, it just take one minute.

After I download the file the game crash and tell me that there is an error in the loading of the character image.

same error for me…

use new link, old one is taking too long, it will fail to download.

what is new link v0.2?

It could be because I can’t read a lick of the page but it seems to me that the link just goes to an upload page instead of the file download.

oops, sorry i didn’t check it.
try this one

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if it can’t work, go to maker’s twitter.

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Made a very quick machine translation
Grab the zip I uploaded here, and copy the contents to: (Be sure to backup the original Data folder first!)
YOUR GAME LOCATION\アリスの肥満化日記VerB\アリスの肥満化日記VerB\www

I haven’t tested very far, but the game loaded, and let me start playing, so I decided to share. Translator++ is amazing

Its machine translated, so theres probably tons of garbage in there, but the bulk is now understandable, enjoy! (102.4 KB)

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i’m getting a “Failed to load: img/characters/アリス.png” when i open the game. Am I doing something wrong?