Free Cities Pregmod Weight Gain update 0.3

The latest Free Cities update introduced PC gaining weight as well as lots of flavor and neat content about weight gain in general.
However, the maximum weight for the characters was capped at 200, (screenshot below)

Max weight settings in the current vanilla build of the game.(200):

So I edited it a bit to set the limit much higher, and now characters look much more “fitting” for their descriptions at max weight (barely mobile extremely obese blobs)

Modded build, weight 300 example:

The max weight is now 900, and instead of spoiling it for you (trust me, they get massive)
I will just share the modded version of the game for you to download and play.

alt link 368.65 MB file on MEGA
Have fun.


I went ahead and added custom text for even MORE pc sizes! More descriptions, more fatness!
I also added positive reputation gain and reaction from the arcology if you are obese, massive or blobish and your hedonistic society is active, I do not why they did not add it in vanilla. It varies depending on your size too, so the fatter you are, the bigger the reputation gain is!
Here is the link for the update: 12.16 MB file on MEGA OBSOLETE


New version! Includes some bug fixes, new descriptions for PC clothes on the end week screen, more PC weight descriptions depending on arcology future society’s status, personal affairs, diet complications - if PC is too far gone in gluttony, healthy meals won’t help and other stuff, like immobile slaves being able to still do some jobs!
Link 12.16 MB file on MEGA

If you have any errors - you will have to unfortunately start a new save.

UPD. Working on v0.4 patch, this version will be using the latest Webgl and pregmod assets. The full lists of the edits compared to vanilla:

  1. Weight capacity is now 900 for both player and slaves. DONE
  2. Reactions and positive reputation gain depending in player’s weight if the future society is decadent. DONE
  3. End week PC. clothes and description change depending on current weight. DONE
  4. Personal affairs new weight stages and descriptions for face, overall body, belly, gluttony. DONE
  5. Healthy diet no longer helps if player is too fat and lazy. DONE
  6. Mysterious admirer - after week 20, if the decadent society is active, but PC is not fat, the mysterious feeder will slowly push you towards gluttony and immobility. They can also become your partner or take over arcology completley. Currently 3 of 10 events are done. Feeder framework is being laid.

Uh. The link doesn’t work?

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I’m just getting a 404 page.


I love FC and i really wanna play this mod, but the link is currently not working? Also, did you edit the WebGL?

Sorry, guess dropbox link reached it’s limit, here is an alternative link 368.65 MB file on MEGA

I assume the max weight for the player is what’s capped to 200? The harem girls have always been able to become immobile blobs, they didn’t cap that too did they?

Both slaves and player are capped at 200 in vanilla.
In the modded version both player and slaves can keep gaining up until 900.

In vanilla they do become blobs in the description, as well as player does, but their image caps at around 200-250 pounds~ despite their description stating that they are massive blobs, they don’t look like one.

In the modded version they keep gaining until they look like blobs.

But cheat menu is still capped at 200 so you will have to feed and eat yourself :slight_smile:

well you could just turn on the old default vector graphics, that’s what drew them as blobs.

the new webgl doesn’t display them as blobs due to clipping in the 3d models. (aka it isn’t possible)

Default vector graphics are outdated and not developed any longer.

I have literally provided a screenshot of a model being 100 above capped weight and it is fine. It is possible because I literally just posted a modded version with it being possible. Clipping is not really that bad, it appears a bit at 900 weight, it is miniscule compared to the size.

I honestly do not understand what are you trying to explain though? I shared a version I am playing with, you can download and play it if you want, or you can not do so and just play vanilla with whatever you want. No one is forcing you, nor asking money for it.

One thing I guess I didn’t mention is that the guy who is developing webgl art for the game is the one who dislikes clipping issues. (he’s actually gotten a lot of ‘unpopular’ clamps put into the game in order to satisfy his 3d rendering constraints. {discussing them would violate the rules of this forum.})

Additionally they’ve had some hilarious ones in the past, like ball sacks so large they cover the entire person.

Thanks though for posting a version with some of these clamps removed. I didn’t mean to start a fight about it, I was just trying to provide background into what’s going on. I don’t think that the game is anti-fat what with hedonism being a base feature, it’s just that the webgl development process has had some controversial as well as hilarious growing pains.

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Once I have more time, I will try to edit the 3d model itself to fix the clipping. The original developer used assets rather than made their own model, so it it is obviously not really fitting for such game, but still holding out well enough.

As long as it is possible to replace it, I can easily fix it with the shapekeys.

Nevertheless, the original one looks still good even with an occasional clipping, so for now it will do!

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Seems a good upgrade so far, but have you considered making this a mod, rather than a separate branch? It’d make it easier to maintain functionality in future, I think.

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In theory there is no need (long-term) for such a branch or a mod, if the clipping can eventually be fixed, the clamped values would be lifted. (I assume right?)

So short term just sharing his edits like this is imo, a pretty fine way to do it?

Is the mod based on 4.0.0-alpha.17 ?

Yes, the latest release

Yea, fair enough, I will look into it.

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Wanted to to check here to see if anyone else was using Firefox and had issues with getting the WebGL to work or if it’s just my install misbehaving.

Getting nothing but “could not find art assets” with FF but it works fine on Chrome and Edge. I’m thinking something’s changed in the development pipeline of FC and Firefox is behind on something WebGL-related compared to the chromium based browsers out there.

I tried it with firefox and can confirm that it works as intended, though for some reason when I first tried to use it the arms and legs and sometimes face of the models had were solid black, likely due to lack of texture. It worked fine the second time I loaded it, so I don’t know what happened there.

I’m using firefox, seems to work fine for me :slight_smile:

apologies, but where do you view the PC ? I can see the others next to their descriptions