Fresh Meat

Hey hey, I’m new. Technically. I was a member on the old forums but I didn’t post much. I was mostly there for the RP. I saw that this was back up and figured I may as well sign up again. Not much else to say.

Speaking of RP, if anyone is interested in some WG themed RP, feel free to DM me. I have a lot of free time and probably won’t leave ya hanging.

Hello world.

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If you haven’t seen it already, the folks over in this thread Role Play Server might be starting a server where people can RP in the town as inhabitants separate from the main adventuring lot. If you’re interested in that you should go there and ask around!

Nice of you to join us! As Tightfit mentioned, we’ll probably be starting up a role play server soonish. A lot of the details, big and small, aren’t fleshed out yet, but I’m sure we’ll cook up something tasty~