Fukuracam's games

I have found a few old games made by a dude who goes by Fukuracom, but he appears to have disappeared. Here is the link to his website: Website Navigator 3 - /fi_contents/Softwares/


Yea, Fukura hasn’t really shown up much, since they abandoned FA and their twitter is also silent. Their last update was like, July of last year so…

So… Has anyone actually beaten Foodstuffer on the highest difficulties? The AI in the later levels just seems to know exactly what’s going to happen several moves in advance.

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Madness? yea, once, got really lucky. Didn’t capture Inif’s beaten lines for that difficulty so I’ll have to do it again if you want a translation of it.

Has anyone else gotten fat 2 to run? It only makes a temp file for me and does absolutely nothing else. And thank you Grotlover I was not entirely sure where to put it.

Same here. Wonder if it’s broken or something…

I know this is old but I did get fat 2 to run. It seems to be a racing game where you gain kg as you win races.

How did you get it run?

yeah, how did you get it to run, it instantly quit out when I tried to do it

I just extracted the file normally like all other zip files if I recall correctly, then launched the game and it worked.

huh, that’s odd, after reading this comment I managed to get it to work without attempting to redownload, shame it’s all japanese without an option to switch to english

Indeed, and I also couldn’t get to make the player character’s picture to change since you also lose weight while racing.

well that sucks, what is the point of a gain game if the gain is negated or not visible

If you can good rankings in the races, you’ll wind up gaining more weight than you lost from the race itself… It takes quite a few wins to make a notable change though.

Does the player character image change though? I’ve noticed you can increase your weight, but only if you win all races so it’s kind of hard, especially when entering the harder ones

It changes after enough weight is gained, and I think you can get power ups that you can use before a race.

Interesting, I’ll give it another try soon.

well could someone possibly translate fat 2 into english?

So I went and made my own custom character for the balloon game to see if I could get it to work. Although it’s not perfect, I’m glad this I was able to make it function. You can get the character files here:

If you plan to make your own make sure that you export the image files as a Bitmap with a 4 bit depth or else it won’t work.