Gain Jam 2022 has FINISHED!

Madames et Messieurs, the casino floor is now CLOSED. Time to start cashing in those chips!

The grace period is up and the Jam is now officially closed! No more submissions will be accepted past this point.

Please keep in mind that any modification of your submissions after this point will result in your submission being disqualified from the Jam. If you want to make updates to your submission please do so in a way that keeps your original submission in place for judging - either create a clear separate link or a separate Project thread altogether. Feel free to update your topics as needed though.

Also, please do not forget to like any submissions you may like to win the Community Choice award!

Thank you all for participating and/or following along in this wild ride!


Question: When does the voting for the Community Choice award close? My plan is to wait a bit before playing so that the developers can iron out some of the most glaring bugs. (I know we’re past the deadline, so their late changes won’t count towards the actual judging, but I don’t want to get hung up on those major errors if it means I only have to wait a little while.) I still want my likes to count, though. Thank you in advance for your response!

It gets closed when all the judging is finished. You have plenty of time.

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