Gain Jam Community Highlights: Entertainment

You thought discussion of the Jam was over? You thought wrong!

Welcome to the Community Highlights portion of the show, in which I invite you all to share your best bits from the Gain Jam over a range of different topics!

With a month past since the Lo-Cal Gain Jam’s completion, I would imagine most of you reading this post at this stage would have by now tried playing most if not all of the games available so this is an opportunity to share your discerning views as to which games really grabbed your attention and deserve to be in the spotlight. This can be from describing your experience with a whole jam entry writ large, down to the smallest segments or details that caught your eye!

Why are we doing this? Partaking in the Gain Jam is all well and good, however developers also earnestly look for feedback to their work and so this year we’re going to try something a little different. Relying on your collective input broadens the lens in which we view these games, helping to provide new insights and potentially stoking new interest in a game which might well have been overlooked by the individual. Also it can also help inform those who haven’t been able to play the games to such an extent!

So, enough preamble! For the topic of this Community Highlight reel, we’ll be discussing…

Entertainment :star_struck:

Which games provided to you the best, most engaging experience when playing? Be it fun and engrossing gameplay, satisfying story moments or, since we’re talking kink games, simply the most “stimulating” experience~!

Tips when posting:

  • Consider the idea as much as the game! Because some entries were presented in a more or less complete state, this shouldn’t impact your opinion when viewing them through an objective lens. A good idea that didn’t stick the landing overall should still be recognised for its good idea - it can always be worked on!
  • Be impartial! Not every game is going to appeal to your interests so you may need to take a broader view and look beyond one’s own interests.
  • Be attentive! The best embellishments are sometimes the smallest and subtlest details that allow for natural ease of play - and sadly often go unnoticed as an unsung hero. If you find yourself getting relaxed as if playing a regular videogame, ask yourself what is allowing that to occur?
  • This thread is for highlights only. This isn’t the place for comparing participants and their entries, making tier lists etc. If you wish to highlight more pointed critique for a specific entry, please do so in the respective Gain Jam entry thread.
  • There are no right or wrong answers here as to which games are best or most deserving. Please respect other peoples’ opinions and adhere to the Community Guidelines as you normally would.
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Let’s fire up this topic!

WarpSec Paragon was an absolute blast (pun intended :P)! It felt accomplished in its shooting segments and was genuinely fun to play.

The Gain Trials (1.1 Released!) was certainly an experience, let’s put it that way haha :woozy_face:

I sank a LOT of time into SoftFoxxo’s Drive-Thru Dilemma! [COMPLETE : v1.3]. Still amazes me how quickly this game got turned around!

I didn’t expect myself to be feeling such tension playing Duke’s Donuts. Props to the writing for capturing some suspenseful moments in the story!

The Weight of Your Crimes made me laugh at multiple points and was a delight thanks to the quirky characters!

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Gotta throw in my lot with Drive-Thru Dilemma for nice twitchy arcade fun! Was neat to figure out cheese as well.
Dinerbolical comes up pretty high in this regard as well, I’m a sucker for puzzle games with a twist and having to think quick with mastermind puzzles was pretty fun.


I’m probably one of the few people who actually bothered to try and complete Calamity Cobra in “A Sweeter Reprise”, but even though it’s rough getting used to (specially coming from the first game) I ultimately enjoyed it quite a bit and I encourage other people to go give it a try even in the game’s current state; the thrill of spawning in as many waves as you can handle and then the sheer anxiety and anticipation from actually having to last upwards of 6 minutes against very aggressive enemies makes for quite the captivating experience in my opinion.

Haven’t played many games overall this Jam but I echo the previously stated thoughts on Drive-Thru Dilemma and Dinerbolical. Those were borderline addictive to try and optimize and I can definitely see myself going back to them in the future.