Gaining In The Name Of...(Prologue Available!)

Hello to all of my chub lovers out there! I’ve been a surveyor of this website for quite a long time now, and there’s tons of fun and enjoyable content to be seen! After so long, I too have been motivated to undertake the arduous journey of creating my own game!

The thing is… I’m not exactly sure what people want. There’s a little something for everyone here, but I want to create content that appeals to the masses while stretching the boundaries of the norm. That being said, I could use your help to figure out what you all like!

To explain a bit further, I am going to show some of my pieces to gauge interest:

Your average chubster is definitely within my realm of ability

I am also capable of creating semi-unrealistic proportions for characters

Then there’s the REALLY unrealistic characters

We can get even crazier with some futas!

As I get better with creation, the qualities of the models will also naturally increase. But for now, I want to hear ideas from the community! Any and all comments are appreciated and will be used to create an idol for all future games to look up to! Body shapes, specific fetishes, plot, pelter me with your desires!

EDIT: I wasn’t sure it would be possible so soon, but I managed to get a working demo released! It’s pretty short, but it’s a nice sample of things to come! Check it out on my Patreon:


I’m going to instate this poll to efficiently gather information on the public opinion.

What body types do you prefer most?(Choose 1-2 options)

  • Pear-Shape(Bigger Butts/Thighs)
  • Apple-Shape(Bigger Bellies)
  • Strawberry-Shape(Bigger Breasts)
  • Hourglass-Shape(Bigger Hips/Breasts, Smaller Bellies)
  • All-Rounders
  • Unique body types(Strongfat, Huge Nipples, etc.)
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How do you feel about futanari(Women with sha-boing-boings)?(Choose all options that apply)

  • I like em’ huge!(size preference)
  • I can appreciate them, but only realistic sizes.(size preference)
  • A girl without a dick is like an angel without wings.(Existential preference)
  • Ptooey! Girl cock, count me out!(Existential preference)
  • Whatever, man. I don’t really care.
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Finally, how big do you like em’?(Choose 1-2 options)

  • As big as I can take!
  • Pretty big, but not too huge.
  • I appreciate realism above all else.
  • Variety is the greatest concept.
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looks good… /////////////////////////////////////////////////////

If you’re taking suggestions, personally I have a weakness for goths, shortstacks, and the whole hucow thing. Bonus points for combos. Nice renders btw :pinched_fingers:


these are all great renders and i allready submitted my votes but in my opinion try to make a game that will please you first over others when a dev makes a game THEY themself what to play it always end well from what i have seen as well as taking a note from helldivers devs a game for everyone is a game for no one so dont stretch yourself too thin trying to please all players otherwise you will find yourself with a lot of rendering and very and i mean very slow update/ progression on it.


Seconding this, trying to please everyone will only dilute the game’s content. At best it’ll take ages for any updates to come out, at worst you’ll lose interest and abandon the project. If you have an idea of what you want to make, make that and you’ll have far more fun developing it over what is essentially a community commission.


Thank you for the concern, I won’t be developing a game I’m not personally interested in. However, I’m genuinely excited to create everything I posted in the polls, I just wanted to see what aligns with my general audience. For example, even if the majority of the community isn’t a huge fan of futas, I’m probably going to indulge here and there, just for funsies!


I like to see hourglass figures as a result of gains. (Along with some belly, of course. No belly would be unrealistic and lame.)

The first thing that popped into my head reading the title was Killing In the Name and now I got it stuck in my head. But these renders look good so far.


“Fuck you, I won’t eat what you tell me!
Fuck you, I won’t eat what you tell me!
Fuck you, I won’t eat what you tell me!
Fuck you, I won’t eat what you tell meeee!

I’m glad you understood the assignment :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Femdom/degradation is my weakness, and I think there’s not nearly enough of it in weight gain games.

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Gaining in the name of Happiness?

Status Update!

I’ve finished the storyboard for the prologue and some of the character models. I’ll still have to finish the script, scene creation, then Ren’py implementation. In a perfect world, all that gets finished by the end of the week, but it will realistically be a couple weeks before a demo build gets pushed out. Stay tuned, more updates on the way!


There remains hope for an early(yet short) demo! All there’s left to do is a bit of scene creation and figuring out how to distribute, but otherwise we’re good!

best things come to those who wait take your time :smiley:

Would there be any vore content? Or do you just plan on doing normal weight gain?

I’ve fluttered with the idea of that, but I’d say that type of content would be further down the line.


Honestly any size is fine as long as it’s realistic (and not immobile or smth).

Alright! Now that the demo is out and you guys have had a chance to play it, I wanna hear desires for where the story goes next! I have some ideas about implementation, additional characters and content structure, but I’d like the content to have the community infused within it. After all, you guys are what motivates me to do this, so why not treat it like a group effort? :hugs:

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It’s a neat proof of concept, though there isn’t much there to critque on. Not sure if it’s gonna be an actual thing, or if it’s just a visual story with no choices. Still, good concept overall.

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