Game developer looking for writer/planner

As a developer, I have the skills and experience needed to create a cool weight gain text adventure game with detailed mechanics, but I don’t have the time to plan and write a coherent plot, dialogues, and planning. If you want, we can work together. I’m willing to volunteer my time, but you’ll need to write in detail the order of events, game mechanics (digestion mechanic? how would the dialogues play out?..), and the actual writing.

My email is

I have time! But I don’t really have experience, you know, in writing for games or weight gain or anything like that. I do write, though! And I know my way around a compiler, so I can help! And I have ideas. Lots of them.

I guess it would depend on the kind of game you wanna make, right? Like if you wanted to make something more dark and realistic like Gaining Perspective, I think I’d rather work on something lighter! Or if you wanted to make something lewd, well I wouldn’t be opposed but I definitely would need to learn how to write that way~

So, I guess I’m asking… What are your ideas? I’d like to hear them!

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Sorry I was really busy last week. I’m not terribly creative, but I have tried my hands on making complicated text adventure games, but none of them really bore fruit because I’m not that great of a writer. I am heavily inspired by great erotic text games such as Trials in Tainted Space and Tainted Asylum, so games that I make will look like and have similar mechanics as those games.

In conclusion, I’m hoping that with your help in writing, I can make something as cool as TiTs, CoC, or Tainted Asylum. I have the skills needed to make the game framework and everything, just not the writing part.

Yes, but do you have a theme or setting in mind? Or perhaps scenarios you’d like to see? I imagine there are at least things you don’t want to see in submitted writing? Without some guidance from you, it would seem you’re essentially offering to code for our games.

Which would be pretty cool, honestly. But probably not what you actually want to do.

That would be cool. I could finally have a finished, and polished game. :grin:

It doesn’t take much time to code, it takes time to plan and write meaningful content. So if your idea is fun then why not? I’ll be your coder.

The theme should be related to wg, transformations, and digestion.

Note that while I can make games with graphics, I don’t have the time nor the graphic designer to do that, so only text games for the moment, unless you can get me a volunteer graphic designer.

Basically, if I like your idea then I can make a game out of it (provided that you be the writer, tester, and planner)

Right now I’m hanging around this thread, some of the ideas there are really good.

Huh. Fair enough, I suppose.

… I’m kind of tempted to dump some ideas on you. I’ll have to ask, though: Are there particular things you don’t want to see? Some of my writing tends to contain:

  • Gas/Slob
  • Semi-graphic Violence
  • Hard Vore (Implied or Otherwise)
  • Rimming/Anal Insertion
  • Stuck/Prone Situations

But possibly, most importantly, I’m a furry. Humans don’t typically get to be the subject of any of my proclivities; they might feature, but only furry women get fat.

… Sorry for the info-dump. I’d just hate to start regurgitating scenarios at you that would repulse you.

I’m not picky so don’t worry. I should have a demo ready in a few days.