What's your dream WG game?

Just for fun and to get some ideas rolling. Completely out there, never going to happen, AAA million dollar budget ideas are welcomed and encouraged.


A bit simple, but I’d love to see an RPG or some other sort of game based entirely around traveling the game’s world to defeat people in eating contests.
I think there’s a hint that something like that is to come, in the Stuffing RPG, and I’m certainly excited to see how that goes. But a game based solely around that could be fairly interesting, I think.

[i][font=times new roman]Hmm…Perhaps a 3D version of Voracious, almost handled just like an MMO? With constant updates, beautiful graphics, lag-less frames, fully customizable characters, nice controls, and an awesome community behind it(Though that last part is already there ;D ), Voracious! in 3D would be amazing!

Another thing would be a game I’ve actually HAD in a dream, where it’s in a nice 8/16 bit style, you’re in a subway-station location with 100(point worth) NPCs, and the objective of the game is to eat the correct people, then get on the train, or eat more people for bonus points. The correct people would have the correct answer to a (simple) math equation you’d have on your hud, then the final person to have to chomp would have an item you were looking for. Once you had eaten the right people, the train would arrive, and you could leave whenever you like. However, there’s a time limit to consider, and whenever you would eat a person, the surrounding people would panic and (try) to run away.
Each time you score a point(by eating people), a pixel would be added to your sprite to simulate an added pound, and there would be different ranks of fattening people: a thin would count as 1 point, a chubby would count as 5 points, and a fat would count as 10. You could even choose your gender, the color of your skin, shirt, pants, even eyes. However, as you eat more, you would get slower, and with 100 added pounds, you’d be rather slowed down, but score more points. I could never remember the name of it, I think it called itself “Lunch Rush”, or something along those lines. It does seem like a feasible game though, but it IS one that I dreamed about…[/font][/i]

I like fetish games with granularity and a lot of simulation elements.

I like when it takes time for a character to gain and there is a lot of little changes over time. I like when a character can gain a few lbs at a time over when a character goes from stage 2 fat to stage 3 fat.

I don’t have a problem with story based things, but they generally lack replay-ability for me so simulation type things are better because i can play it again with a slightly different path.

I’m not don’t like minigames, it just feels grindy when all i want is to fap.

I don’t like games where you’re punished for being fat (losing the game from getting to big/heavy. making the game unfinishable or whatever. Make the game super hard to play because of weight).

I like open world oriented games much more than games that have a strict “hooray you’re fat now!” ending. I like open world games where i can experience the character do different things as they get fatter. I can so how it gets harder for them to do things (without punishing the player still). And i like seeing people react to the gain.

I don’t care for combat in the games generally, and that’s even more true in fetish games. I’ve killed a lot of vidogames character in my days, and it just doesn’t appeal as much anymore. A woman with a belly the size of a couch doesn’t bother me, the fact she can stand and move around doesn’t bother me, but watching her engage in combat? Ridiculous. That’s just my taste haha. That and combat in fetish games isn’t usually that great and even if it was, i don’t really want to mix serious game time and fap time.

I also prefer fattening of one or a small few of characters over everyone being fat. I like the size disparity.

So my ideal game would be somewhere between fetishmaster, the sims, with a little bit of skyrim.


Man, this is a really, really good question. I will probably post a few answers when I’ve had more time to think about it.

First thought:

Imagine a Smash Bros style game: 2.5D, tight controls, a variety of characters with different strengths and weaknesses. Ignore the goofy Nintendo characters and replace them with more, you know, humanoid ones, maybe have a custom fighter creation mode.

The primary goal, though, isn’t knocking out the enemy fighters: It’s to reach a certain weight or be the heaviest character when time runs out. Food items spawn around the stage at set intervals (popping out of store fronts in a “town” themed level, growing on vines in a jungle) or fall from the sky at random. When you pick them up, your character automatically starts munching away at them, but it takes a little while, and if you get hit you drop your food. Get knocked off the stage, and you lose a little weight when you respawn.

Smash Bros already had a “weight” mechanic, where heavier characters soaked damage more easily and didn’t fly as far when hit but tended to move slower and have poorer acrobatic abilities. This game would have some other room to toy with balance: Some characters might start at higher weights than others, and be slower to start but be slowed down less by accumulated weight. Or a character could have worse overall stats but gain more weight from food, or characters could be faster or slower eaters. Characters with multiple jumps/flight capabilities could find them diminished or lost at high weights.

Games like this don’t work unless there’s a charismatic set of characters with well-themed abilities, and personally I’d like to see:
-A “cowboy/cowgirl” minotaur gunslinger, poor jumping abilities but six-shooter and lasso projectiles.
-A vampire character who can gain weight by grappling other characters in addition to eating food, who has climbing skills and a speedy flying bat form that ceases to function properly past a certain weight.
-Some kind of anthro-dragon with limited gliding and short-range breath weapon, whose whole hitbox gets bigger as they gain weight, becoming taller as well as wider and getting better reach with their attacks.
-An elastic “inflationist” character with bouncy jumps and Kirby-like suck/blow abilities.

(Toss in your own character thoughts if you want!)

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I’m rather fond of text-based games, myself, so something along the lines of Noone’s RPG but with a lot more side content would be great

That’s… a really good concept!

Personally I would do something like, attacking reduces your weight, but also reduces the weight of the other character more depending on how strong the hit is. So it would become a tug-of-war between attacking and eating, or defending and dodging.

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Hmm, if the budget was unlimited I’d have to go VR; being able to look down and around at your (player character’s), or an NPCs, swelling jiggling body would be amazing. That choice would limit game mechanics, so I’d probably be looking at some kind of open world RPG/life sim without any fast paced combat. There would be options for finding and romancing a partner, and one or both of you gaining. A few story paths (which would be optional to follow) would unlock additional capabilities, transformations, and other benefits. Want to indulge your foodie fantasies or fatten up the general poputlation - follow the restaurant path. Cow girls your thing? - there’s a farming path. Into vampires, were-creatures, demons etc? - Investigate the dark side of the world. Fancy yourself a sleuth? Advertise yourself as a private investigator. I’d probably choose a near-future or alternate world setting.

But, with no budget, and only a hobby project, I’ll stick to the text adventures!


My dream game would be a sort of management simulator along the lines of games like Evil Genius, Mall Tycoon, etc. that would have a near-identical concept as a set of images by a Korean Pixiv user that made those RPG Maker screenshots (who has also drawn Lord Dominator WG pics), minus the cannibalism aspect, where you get to build a place for women to stay and gain weight. If they die, whether by obesity-related health issues or exploding from overeating or just plain old age, there’s a graveyard/crematorium where they’ll be buried/cremated. You can check up on them, see their weight, age, and stance on fat, as well as their fullness, lethargicness, body shape, blood sugar level, etc. You can earn money by selling excess fat women (whose prices vary depending on their fatness), which you can then use to add more rooms (like a fumigation room for gassy women or a floating pool where fat women can float on the surface of the water). It’ll be one of those “freemium” games, but paying for a little extra in-game cash will be worth it (just like games like Tiny Tower and Pokemon GO). However, you won’t be able to buy anything else but extra currency with real-world money, which will be good because the game will also be ad-free upon your first purchase (namely, buying in-game currency with real-world currency). You can also buy the “Remove Ads” option at the same price as the lowest amount of in-game money you can purchase with either a credit card or money from a prepaid card like those for the Google Play Store.

So, this picture here might be relevant in this thread.

Particularly to my idea of the eating contest game. I like the idea of it being the reverse of what you might expect.

Okay I have a bizarre idea but bare with me.

The Game is about a Temporal Fat Note. So like Dead Note you can write in names and they will gain weight. The twist is you can only do this to historical figures.

The setting is modern day, you have the fortune/misfortune to have dated a string of chubby girls who latterly due to some inspiration lost their weight and slimmed down with your likes ending it. Not as many deadly Exs like Scott Pilgrim, but you get the idea.

After the last one dumped you for trying to break her out of her diet, you wander home after another failed relationship. Cursing the weight gods as you go. This is when you find the note book. There is a catch, you die if you fail to succeed within one month.

The gameplay is a day night cycle. During the day you my go out in the world and research leads for your nightly targets and judge the affects of your work. By night you write in your targets, which are only adjustable once.

Basic success would be to have one of your past Exs never loose the weight and stay with you
Next level would be to have them be even heavier than previously
Above that would be multiple exs being that way
Ultimate unlock would be a present where dieting is unheard of in some sort of pro-fat utopia

This visually would be similar to VN with a basic multi-location town. You can only find out about new targets or places to research, by asking the right people at the right weights.

hi, I’m new here, and I loved your idea so much I wanted to draw some concept art for it! It’s not finished yet, but I’ll be sure to post it when it is :relaxed:

I’m new here but I’ve been popping in and trying different things people have made, also a deeep fan of fenoxo’s infamous text games.

But as to my idea of a dream fat fetish games goes a little like this:
You are a Lypomancer, a mage whose power comes from fatty tissue and the potential energy therein. The End goal is to achieve more power whether by fattening up yourself or by use of Familiars.

Familiars would be NPCs that can be romanced, enslaved or otherwise linked to you so that you may draw on their fat reserves as well. All of this becomes then a balance caterign to your personal style, ‘how fat do I get?’ ‘do I want a stable of mobile familiars or one huge one?’

as to lypomancy itself I see it as a magic of affecting flesh, allowing for the reshaping and tailoring of bodies to fit your needs along with affecting chemicals and hormones in the body to alter moods, to possibly even creating immortality for you and your familiars. Conflicts in game could be resolved more by clever diplomacy and subtle use of magic rather than fighting.

Hmmhmm. Well, if we’re allowed to use futuristic tech for the game, I’d love a full VR game where you could just feel everything that happens to your character.

Real life is complicated, and while I definitely don’t want to become super toned, being fat can cause issues that I’d rather not have. Feeling out of breath sucks!

I’d love to just be able to slip into a body with all the plush and none of the consequence, and eat as much as I want without having reasons to worry about my health. And if the game was multiplayer, I wouldn’t feel guilty about meeting someone and encouraging them to eat their heart out, either!

Hopefully that sort of technology gets invented in my lifetime. I guess that’s one reason to try to stay healthy!

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I suppose my dream game would be a management sim like @gamerjohn1991 wanted… With the cannibalism. Essentially, you’d have kobolds farming fat furry women, helping them get fatter and caring for them… Until they’re harvested for milk, meat, fur and fat/oil. Kobolds can either manage an idyllic nature reserve, indirectly providing for its denizens, so that kobolds can hunt fattened prey… Or cut out the middleman and directly manage them on a ranch/industrial farm. Grow acres of food for them, keep them clean(ish), and build proper facilities to house them, care for them, “process” them, and store/distribute their products.

You start small and primitive, with simple hunting gear and farming knowledge, but continually develop, discovering technologies as well as a helpful disease that turns furs into perfect livestock, gluttonous and docile. As your burgeoning kobold civilization grows, so too will the need for more meat to feed it and more rendered oil to fuel it’s machines, necessitating larger-scale ranches and even larger furs, which in turn require more specialized equipment and transportation.

Ideally, the game would challenge the player logistically, emphasizing the difficulty of managing impossibly large subjects and moving them around. Some problems the player would need to solve would range from widening doors and passageways, reinforcing bridges, stronger harnesses/elevators for vertical movement, and building canals to simply float subjects to their destination.

Hopefully, the fact that you play as kobolds who make others fat circumvents the frustration of lost capability with increased weight that plagued many WG games, and tying the WG to an actual incentive aside from the fetish would make it more compelling… Albeit in a way that might turn a lot of people off.

That sort of reminds me of one of the projects leupai worked on. I think it was called Elflands…

And I’m also pretty sure it’s one of the things they took down when Boundless went. That was a sad week! I remember it happened around the time that Tainted Elysium went as well. Both of those were super unique games in their own ways . . .

I’m just glad we got the forums back.

It might be an older thread, but I am glad it has been revived, because every game starts with an idea.

This open-ended question really made me think. All this time as a lurker I have just enjoyed the elements of WG games I liked and tried to ignore the aspects I disliked. Not once did I ever stop to wonder what my ideal game would even look like, let alone how it would play. I already described my preferences here, but translating it into an operable game takes much more planning (which is why I never pondered it before). I get to dream big, literally.

Simply put, my fantasies teeter on the edge of realism–it is like a slice of life if all the stars aligned. I prefer an immersive, first-person experience, accompanied by some initial control factors to get the ball rolling in the direction I want. That means while you may not be able to magically pack on a hundred pounds overnight, you can decide at the start of the game how strict your parents are on keeping you healthy. You would not be able to will yourself into running a marathon at six hundred pounds, but you can assign your character a body shape and facial features.

The dream WG game is 3D, with narration and dialogue text. Interactive multiplayer would be optional. The camera angle would be first-person, but you have the option of observing yourself through someone else’s eyes when within presence. I want to be able to see the character walk, run (if he/she can), jump (to a reasonable extent), sit, and lie down. You would be given the choice to explore the 3D world at your (character’s) own pace or jump to locations (time would be adjusted accordingly). The gameplay would be at a variable pace, tailored to your wants. Skip to the next day, week, month, or year whenever you like.

My dream WG game has endless possibilities, catering to a variety of natural weight gaining kinks. Since it is a gaining game, you will have a slow metabolism, but you have control over your diet and physical activity habits. You want to have a sadistic feeder stuff you past the half-ton mark? Go ahead. [You may have to plan out how to live that long, but it would be possible.] You want to become a muscle-gut champion sumo wrestler? Go for it. I like the idea of toggling descriptions. You would be able to specify how much you want to hear about food consumption, gas, mobility, physique/figure (down to emphasis on certain body parts), etc.

Perhaps the best part of my ideal game is that it would be absolutely customizable at the beginning, then you are allowed free range in the world. You can skip to the point of immobility, at whatever age you want that to be at. I would start from toddler age. Any ethnicity/race or income level. The family composition is yours to dictate. The settings would range, so you can be a fatty moving between and living in a rural, suburban, or urban location(s). No gender restrictions, no occupational limits (as long as the work is physically and technically possible for your person).

NPCs will play as large or as small a role as you would like them to. This will be possible since you have insight and input into their tendencies. You can eliminate doctor visits from the game by selecting parents that overlook scheduling them. Teasing bullies can be relocated to another school if you choose to report them. You have free choice over how much you interact with encouragers or feeders.

Case study: a trip to the gym. Do you request a personal trainer, sign up for a class, or go solo? What machines? How busy is the area where you workout? How hard and for how long do you exercise? Suppose you chose to work with a personal trainer. You now have more options. What gender? How strict? Feedback mostly positive or negative?

There is no game objective, per se. There would be no points, levels, or achievement goals programmed in. Time will pass in snippets. If you shower, the game will narrate and the character model will move for maybe a minute. Driving somewhere will take only a moment (of real time, not in-game time), as we skip the transit. The game ends when you choose to quit, or when your character dies. Saving can be initiated wherever, whenever. Interesting note: You can actively keep your weight normal, with some effort. It would not be considered “losing,” but the narration would be extremely bland, akin to a Sims game.

Goodness, this was a fun exercise. It is a good way to become active on this forum. Maybe I will formally introduce myself sometime…


My ideal WG game would be a highly detailed and aesthetic visual novel based around catgirls like nekopara, where you view the story from the perspective of the master of the household, but centered on weight gain and stuffing as well as petplay instead. Having the characters in slice of life situations with different routes to fattening each one up, courting them, and various endings sounds great <3


Hi, hobby game developer here, I would like to work on your game idea if that’s alright. The game will be an open world text adventure game in a food-centric world. The player will combat food monsters using specialized weapons-cooking utensils. For example, forks and chopsticks will deal extra damage to spaghetti monsters but less damage to soup and ice scream monsters.

There’ll be detailed eating and digestion mechanics for the eating contests. Different food types behave differently, carbs digest quickly, give lots of energy upfront but will give the player an energy crash after, fat digest much more slowly and steadily, protein digest the slowest. Fiber helps clean the GI tract and help things move along, which will be crucial during eating contest as the player needs to push as much food through their GI as possible. Also, there’ll be many actions available during eating such as belly massage, drinking laxatives, …

I’ll definitely need writers for the game, but I can take care of the coding part.

Please tell me if anyone is interested in making the game a reality. I should have the prototype up soon.


My ideal WG game is already out, really. BOUNDLESS rpg has had me enthralled with how imaginative it is, and for whatever reason, all I need to satisfy me is numbers for how large my features are, and small things; reminders that I am really unfit, little things like I’m being swallowed up by my boobs/losing balance because my character took the route of being absurdly top-heavy. Those little things do it for me, not always images and animations of jiggling fat. I enjoy the text-based RPG.

My only problem is that Boundless isn’t being worked on too much, and the Developer/programmer of it (Leupai) kicked me from the community Discord, literally breaking my heart because I am so obsessed with the universe they have created. Due to this, I am having a very hard time finding any versions of BOUNDLESSRPG, but that game, with it’s many many customization opportunities, and the very satisfying and livid transformation elements, make it the best game for the fetish I have ever experienced, and I feel like other games should take inspiration from it.