What's Your Dream Weight Gain Game, the Sequel

Idk how many of you all remember this discussion: What's your dream WG game? and although it isn’t mine, I thought I would ask this question again, as well as provide my own answer. Being a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise, and having played some other weight gain games like Super Fatty RPG and Project FAT, I would really like to see a game that’s similar to those games, but the characters are all different Pokemon, with you being able to play as multiple different Pokemon.


i would love a sims like game with house smushing fat. just have a community of blobs


Basically Miitopia with a sexier artstyle (if that can be accomplished). You make your team, you kill monsters, you get food from the monsters, eating the food gets you stat boosts, yada yada. The main difference is just that if you try to feed them after they’re full too much, ,they get fat.
Yes, I know how cursed that it is when I lay it out, but I’m here for the mechanics and the customization, not the sexy ass miis


Personally I would love something like noone’s Fatty Text adventure (Fatty text adventure game 0.43c (old) by noone -- Fur Affinity [dot] net) since it was just a hella fun game to play. The only things I would want added is some visuals and maybe more armor breaking with weight gain, but other than that the games perfect.


Honestly tigertoo’s The Weighting Game is very close to my ideal game. It has multiple interesting characters. There is some ability to control what day to day is and the course of the game, but not so much that it is overwhelming and you get bogged down into day to day things (i.e. I’m not a huge life sim fan). The DAZ models are fantastic and really bring it all to life. And it contains the whole transition from skinny with no desire for weight gain to full on feederism.

You could obviously do variations on what currently exists in tigertoo’s game, such as a making it a college relationship, a relationship amongst people who work together. Or you could create additions, such as choosing which of multiple girls you enter in a relationship. But if I could snap my fingers and just have a fully completed game of my choosing, it would look very similar to his game in substance.


I’d love an immersive fatty/feeder VR game. I know it’s not likely to happen anytime soon, given how niche our interests are, but maybe in the not too distant future as VR progresses.


two really

  1. A RPG with weight gain as it main mechanic

  2. A visual novel with a cast of diverse characters, as you play the game, the girl you dating gains too!

I wrote about these two ideas a while ago on my DA


Just another game like above gods or olive and the ruby bra, especially the ladder


A Cooking game were you make food for people and show them get fatter with each meal.


basically a Zelda BotW where you can get to blob sizes, fat effects the gameplay a lot and the problems I have with the base game are fixed

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Ok here’s mine:

A game (can be 2d or 3d) with human female weight gain and fully customizable characters. They can be cartoony or extremely life like or anywhere in between. She will always start off thin but you can choose her body type and customize fat distribution areas. As for the game play, you’d play as your character where she goes about her life and you can make unhealthy choices and she progressively gets fatter and lazier. (Or the opposite but there would be some penalty for going this route)

At the beginning of the game you can choose a career path that will greatly affect how the game plays out.

Some ideas include:
feedee (you make fat videos online)
Gamer/twitch streamer (self explanatory)
Fast food worker (allows you unlimited access to food)

There will also be cutscenes depending on your career path of people pointing out your weight gain and occasional doctor visits.

The ultimate goal of the game is to get as fat as possible. Eventually you will start showing health effects from your weight gain. In order to not die, you must balance your lifestyle a little bit where you get minimal exercise occasionally and have a well-balanced diet. If you dont get the balance right you will gain too fast and suffer a heart attack or not gain at all. This feature would only be turned on if the difficulty is set to hard.

The 3 difficulties (easy, normal, and hard) would determine how easily you get fat without health issues. This would also significantly alter the length that you play the game.

Anyway that’s my idea. Let me know what you think. Too bad I cant code or draw because i want this to be real so bad lmao

(Edit) I forgot to mention that all of the cutscenes will be on screen text only. No voice acting. I’ve always found voice over cutscenes in games weird and I dont even want to imagine how cringeworthy one in a fetish game would be

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Kink-wise, I’d kill a man in cold blood for something with WG, vore, AND preg all in one place. It’s this intersection of kinks that I almost never see come together. You could take that in a number of different directions, but I’d just like something with a substantial amount of content.

Gameplay-wise, a really in-depth character creator would be nice, but I’m more interested in a fatty soulsborne, simply because I’m curious as to how it’d work. If progression coincides with getting fat, then difficulty scales with your encumberment, which forces you to play more skillfully with potentially greater rewards.

A high quality, text based MUD with weight gain and nutrition mechanics, furries, and plenty of nonfetish stuff to enjoy as well.

Honestly Forks was/is shaping up to be my ideal.

A female focused weight game with a female protagonist(Who also gains!). No generic grey blob male MC who changes at the drop of a hat to fit the narrative and characters I actually care about.

Forks is my lesbian dream come true.


I will really like to see a multiplayer wg rpg maker game.

I set out to create my own dream game. I couldn’t find one that suited me just fine, and so I created Love is the Way to My Heart (still a WIP). I’m hoping it takes off with audiences!

Anyway, dream game would be semi-realistic pacing and weight gain with elements of feeling in control, much like a DND-style video game, like StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic. Just enough options and control to make your choices matter, but obviously with the twist of having WG in the game.

Something like a toybox.

For one, have characters in it walk around and do sim-stuff. Eat, work out, go to work, sleep, interact…

Then, make it possible to set up rules and triggers. If a character gets a raise, make them order extra pizza… If working out is done one day, spend the next just binging…
I wanna be able to make a character work out only to then have sleepwalking sessions, eating exactly 1000 calories more than they burnt off the day before, every day.

Maybe a system for magical objects. A value for how stuck someone is with an object, then have the rules be bound to the object. Eventually they may realize that their medallion is not quite as good for them as they thought, but it just keeps appearing on their neck every day…

There should also be a job system, to make the job affect the characters figures. Work in a gym? Probably going to work out themselves. Oops, that ring reverses the effects of using a (random excercise machine). Guess you gotta add more hours excercising to keep that job. Better hope they choose the right (wrong) one!

I would also love a character system, that makes it possible for them to interact with each other. Obvious stuff like if they like WG or if they are gluttonous, but also stuff like how honest they are about it.
Example for an interaction could be the ol “you seem to never wear that skirt anymore. What happened?” “Oh, that shrunk in the drier.”
Ideally, there would be some 200 interactions for each character archetype interaction, to make sure some friend does not come over every day saying the same stuff. Gotta at least go up enough for new dialogue before any looping happens.

Then there is of course the environment. I think a simple kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom setup for most houses would be fine. Some generic strips of land to see the characters jog, have picnics and so on would also be nice.
Overall, this could be connected through loading screens or like in sims 3, in one somewhat big map.


Some sorta farming/manufacturing or just survival-crafting 3D game with weight gain functionality would be really fun to play. As an inspiration of such game, I think games like Satisfactory, Slime Rancher or Raft would do greatly, especially if kept with the toon-like graphics like two latter ones have. The main goal of the game could be related to weight gain, or just survival, leaving planet/island/whatever where gaining weight could be a major part of gameplay.

I mean I made a few cute characters with the 3ds miitopia but the switch one got me angry it’s not even a proper remake just 1 customization feature added and they changed the final bosses face which made the game unfaithful to it’s original game so I just decided to not buy the switch version but yeah you’re right miis can’t really be sexy maybe the same style of the game but with a character that isn’t a mii I think it’s mostly the head that !makes it hard to do plus the lack of features like breasts butts and genetalia

I know right?. I was gonna put that as mine but its already real!